Month: July 2021

Being of Service


What does “being of service” actually mean? Why do we talk about it so much in recovery? Is it really as important as it sounds? Being of service is more than being helpful on occasion — it’s a lifestyle that is vital to successful recovery. We talk about service so often because it’s one of the major keystones of a life in recovery.There is a lot that we can learn about being of service, and there is a lot that can be said about it, too. Simply put, service is one of the single most important ingredients to a healthy, happy, and successful recovery lifestyle. Let’s take some time to explore this incredible element of recovery.What Is Service?Service is more than just lending a hand whenever we can. Service is a way of life. Some people say that it’s only considered being of service if it’s inconvenient, but that’s untrue…

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The Nature of True Healing

anxiety in recovery

There are no problems that are truly isolated. Both illness and wellness are holistic and must be treated as such to avoid needless vulnerabilities in recovery and recovery treatment. Illness and wellness are connected both in their morbidity and their solutions. Just as the cure for weight issues involves both diet and exercise, no problem exists in a vacuum, nor are there any solutions that are not also tied to other methods of health care, self-care, or professional care. At Jaywalker Lodge, we deal exclusively with men who are suffering from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. Often, there are co-occurring issues of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This is incredibly common and not a coincidence. The disease of alcoholism and addiction lends itself to other internal issues, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, that exacerbate or worsen the disease — and the cycle continues.It should already be easy to…

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What Is Sober Living and Why Should I Go There?

sober living

Jaywalker Lodge believes in helping alcoholics and addicts every step of the way in recovery, so we’re especially glad to talk about sober living. Sober living is the transitional living environment between intense addiction recovery treatment and independent recovery living. In other words, sober living is the buffer between working the recovery program in a safe treatment environment and living the recovery lifestyle out in the big, beautiful world. Of course, there are lots of benefits of taking advantage of a sober living environment. But before we discuss why we should go to sober living, let’s get into what it is and why it was created in the first place. What Is Sober Living? Sober living is a little bit like treatment and a lot like living on our own. It’s the transition between an in-house, intense recovery treatment and fully independent living in recovery. Sober living is the safe…

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Taking Our Wellness Seriously


In early recovery, we are introduced to many new modes of living that we never knew before. It’s easy to see how things involving our general health and wellness went by the wayside when we were living in active alcoholism and addiction. Now, in recovery, we have the time, energy, and opportunity to pay attention to any areas of our life that went neglected in our disease. Now, in recovery, we can finally take our wellness seriously. This is not only a new opportunity for us, but it is also a responsibility. A glass can only spill what it contains. If we do not take care of ourselves, we will be unable to properly help anyone else — and helping others is not only one of the main purposes of recovery, it’s also the most surefire way to protect and maintain our recovery. Being of service to others is not…

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Is It Really a Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams?


Any alcoholic or addict new to recovery has surely heard someone in a meeting say something like, “Recovery has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams!” If you haven’t heard anybody say this, you will at some point. And the truth is, they aren’t wrong. But of course, this whole concept may sound absolutely absurd, especially to those of us who are brand-new to recovery. Typically, when we seek treatment and first enter the rooms of recovery, our lives are in shambles. We’re dealing with the fallout and consequences of a life overtaken by alcoholism or addiction. How could recovery grant us a life beyond our wildest dreams? We admit that it probably sounds crazy at first, but take a look around the next time you’re fellowshipping or at a meeting. Look at all the alcoholics and addicts who are sober in recovery. Listen to how long they’ve been…

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When It’s Time to Sponsor

honesty and trust in recovery

When we are new to recovery, some of the first advice we’re ever given is to get a sponsor. It may seem like a strange concept at first. I mean, what’s a sponsor? Well, we find out what a sponsor is pretty quickly. A sponsor is an alcoholic or addict in recovery who has worked all Twelve Steps and is willing to help others do the same. What do we need a sponsor for? Spoiler alert: we need a sponsor to help us work the Steps ourselves. Literally, we need someone who has worked all Twelve Steps to show us how to do it. More than that, much of the Twelve Steps require us to speak with another person about certain things. Our sponsor is usually the person we talk to whenever the Steps require it.Our sponsor gets to know about us and our life. We get to know and trust…

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Recovery as Adventure

higher power in nature

It’s not an overstatement to say that for alcoholics and addicts, getting into recovery is the adventure of a lifetime! At Jaywalker Lodge, we fully believe this to be true. We see it every day: men having the time of their lives achieving things they once thought were impossible, finding more joy than they ever imagined, jumping hurdles, overcoming obstacles, and growing into the men they’ve always wanted to be. What better adventure could there possibly be? In recovery, every day is a brand-new chance to be the hero of your own story, to help others overcome their troubles, and to summit impossible peaks both literally and figuratively.As professional sherpas on this lifelong adventure of recovery, we at Jaywalker Lodge feel confident in discussing what an adventure recovery truly is. Who would know better than your guide up to the mountaintop? We’re here for you every step of the way…

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Celebrating Every Victory

celebrating victory

It’s a major part of the Western mindset to focus on avoiding bad things rather than embracing good things, but especially with alcoholics and addicts like us. We love to focus on the negative, worry about escaping crisis, or generally sell ourselves short. Too often, we forget to celebrate the victories (big or small), embrace the positive, or at least peek at the bright side. It’s time to change all that and start to look at how we can adjust our perspective on a daily basis to include a bit more joy and celebration. Practice Makes Progress There are no quick fixes for altering a lifetime of skewing towards the negative. We’ve trained ourselves for years to see and focus on the bad. Our minds, habits, and attitudes won’t change overnight. It’s important that we don’t get discouraged. Good things take time, and so does learning how to see the…

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How Can I Get Out of This Rut?

stuck in a rut

It’s common for people from all walks of life to get stuck in a little rut now and then. We all get caught in a slump, a stretch of hard luck, or just plain down in the dumps from time to time. It could be caused by a specific event or circumstance, or it could be caused by nothing at all. Sometimes it just happens. It helps to know that this happens to everybody once in a while. It’s just a normal part of human life. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with us. It may not even mean that we did anything wrong. But as alcoholics and addicts in recovery, there is plenty we can do about it when it happens. Let’s take a closer look at ruts and how we bust out of them. Am I Depressed? This is a big question that we have to get out…

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Men’s Issues: Asking for Help

the value of treatment

Men don’t ask for directions. Men don’t read the instructions. Men don’t ask for help. Have you ever heard these garbage stereotypes before? To put it mildly, wrong-headed ideas about what makes a “real” man are killing real men. These and many other harmful socio-cultural lies are poisoning the minds of men every day, preventing them from living their best lives and giving their best to others. What real men do is ask for help and direction, and then help and support others. Real men know it takes courage, strength, and faith to ask for help. So, what kind of thinking propagates these twisted ideas of manhood? Where does it come from? And what can we do about it? Let’s take a hard look at asking for help from men’s perspective, and how we can help ourselves overcome the incorrect programming that’s keeping us from getting the help we need. Don’t Believe…

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