Truly Understanding Your Condition


Even the highest echelon of modern medicine still has some learning to do when it comes to alcoholism, addiction, and the mental and emotional illness that so often accompanies the disease. The book Alcoholics Anonymous and the 2-Step program of recovery outlined within it have been a benchmark in understanding and restoring thousands of alcoholics and addicts to life. The book itself goes into much great detail about the disease of alcoholism and has helped people understand alcoholism and its solution for over 80 years. Both alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike can benefit greatly from the information contained within Alcoholics Anonymous.

Of course, science has improved greatly since the book was written and now offers a more complete understanding of the effects of alcoholism and addiction on the body and the mind. Yet for all its advancement, modern medicine still has not been able to offer a better explanation of, reasons for, or a solution to alcoholism and addiction. Hence, the 12-Steps remain the most educational and effective solution that exists for alcoholism.

It is of paramount importance for alcoholics, addicts, and those who care for them to accurately understand the disease. Only when the condition is understood in its entirety and its meaning and prognosis are fully comprehended can a diagnosis be rendered and the solution is engaged in. Alcoholism is a self-diagnosed disease in many respects. Any man who admits he has alcoholism and truly understands the ramifications of that admission will likely rush to engage fully in the 12-Step program of recovery. Once upon a time, there was nothing very effective in the way of rehabilitation and recovery for those with the disease. The diagnosis of alcoholism is much less dire now that alcoholics and addicts have the 12-Steps.

Take a Personal Journey

It is such a personal journey to read through the book Alcoholics Anonymous with a recovered alcoholic or a group of them. One who is new to the concepts may find questions they’ve had for years finally being answered. He may read a passage and discover the reason behind one of his most baffling or destructive failings. Mostly, if he is an alcoholic or addict, he will find the heart and soul of the confusing, devastating disease from which he suffers described in great detail. He will see himself explained, to himself, in the pages of an 80-year-old book. Then he will read on to discover there is a solution that really works. He will also read and learn exactly how to participate in that solution, literally, step by step.

The 12-Steps do offer the solution to alcoholism and addiction. However, they do not offer any medical solutions for the maintenance of mental or emotional health conditions. The 12-Steps program does encourage people to rediscover their religious practices if they wish, and it also applauds therapy as something that is very useful. Therapy can be quite a positive compliment to the 12-Step way of life, especially after they have begun recovery. But therapy cannot cure alcoholism, just like the 12-Steps cannot cure mental or emotional illness. However, substance abuse and addictive behavior have proven to have detrimental effects on mental and emotional health. Entering recovery can occasionally ease symptoms for some, but therapy and professional medical advice for mental and emotional health is always recommended. It will aid and enrich a person’s recovery, not detract from it.

Education is Key

At Jaywalker Lodge, we believe very strongly in educating the men who come to us. They may be straightforward alcoholics or addicts, be among the increasingly higher numbers of those who abuse both alcohol and drugs, and/or be among those who experience mental and emotional health issues simultaneously with their alcoholism and addiction. Whatever the exact set of conditions a person has, education is a vital beginning. How can we expect someone to engage in the healing and recovery process if they don’t at least start to understand what they’re suffering from? It’s a big ask for someone to go along with seemingly strange methods if they don’t even know what’s going on with them, how they got where they are, or why the suggested methods can be effective.

The Foundation of the 1st-Step

At Jaywalker Lodge, we find it tremendously successful to educate our men as best as we possibly can. From the very start, we begin developing individualized therapy plans. We apply the blanket methods that work for all alcoholics and addicts of any type — group therapy, 12-Step meetings, fellowship, service, physical activity, and health responsibility. But the real crowning jewel of our educational system here at Jaywalker Lodge is foundational. We focus heavily on the 1st-Step. We encourage familiarity and work with all the 12-Steps, but the 1st-Step is the bedrock. Without a true understanding of the 1st-Step, those who have the disease may not see why the rest of the program is truly a life-or-death matter. Skipping over the 1st-Step or not making sure its implications are deeply understood can be a fatal mistake.

Through reading, workbooks, and education, we make sure the 1st-Step hits home. We believe that doing anything else would be a disservice. If a man fully concedes to the full truth and weight of the 1st-Step, there is little chance he will do anything other than engaging wholeheartedly with the remainder of the 12-Step program. From that work alone, his life may be spared so that he can go on to help others.

Alcoholism and addiction are a disease that is still commonly misunderstood, even in this modern era. To date, the disease is described no better than in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. This is not to say that the book explains the disease well enough for anyone to acquire sufficient knowledge to diagnose themselves. If they relate to the conditions described in the book, they are likely alcoholic — but this is where the benefit of self-knowledge ends. The true power of the book lies in its description of the 12-Steps, the proven solution to alcoholism and addiction. If you are struggling to achieve or maintain recovery, Jaywalker Lodge may have just the help you need. We once struggled with alcoholism and addiction ourselves, yet here we stand. Recovery rooted in the 12-Steps can save and transform your life, as it has done for us. Let us show you how. Call us today at (866) 529-9255.

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