The Power and Impact of Caring

It isn’t difficult to find recovery treatment organizations that actually care about the people they help, but it’s not as easy as it should be either. Actual caring is more than just words. We can say we care and even look like we care without much effort. But true care is evident in the actions we take — it’s something you can feel. As caregivers in the field of recovery treatment, it is incumbent upon us to demonstrate our degree of care in everything we do.

Recovery has long been a minefield of misinformation, easily falling prey and being reduced to statistics, demographic restriction, and revolving-door treatment models. This is partly because the disease of alcoholism and addiction is among the most commonly misunderstood diseases affecting people today. Even with all the advances in science and medicine we currently enjoy, the nature of the disease and how we recover from it escapes common understanding. It’s not a choice or a matter of willpower, and it doesn’t just show up in one area that we can directly treat.

Treating the Whole Person in Recovery

This is exactly why true caring is so needed. Because we are dealing with people suffering from a disease that is all-encompassing, affecting the entire person and their entire life. Treatment must be holistic to be effective — we can leave out nothing. In essence, we are treating an entire person whose entire existence is affected by the disease. Because we are dealing with a uniquely human condition that goes beyond straightforward medical or psychological parameters, we need to add that extra level of humanity to our treatment efforts. This is precisely where caring comes in.

That is not to say that only Jaywalker Lodge cares. Most in the field do their best, and we commend them, yet often some vital part of the picture is missing. Addiction recovery treatment works best when guided by addiction recovery specialists. That’s who we are. We don’t have multiple main areas of focus. We have one focus: to help men suffering from alcoholism and addiction (and any co-occurring mental and emotional health issues) find lasting recovery. That’s it; that’s what we do. And we do it with the utmost care possible because we know about recovery from our own firsthand experience.

Many of us who work at Jaywalker Lodge are in recovery. Additionally, our entire multi-disciplinary staff is focused on the area of addiction recovery treatment. So those of us who don’t actually live the recovery lifestyle are still professionally focused on the same single-minded goal: helping people recover from alcoholism and addiction for the long term.

Prerequisites for Caring

Jaywalker Lodge doesn’t have a monopoly on caring — we just do it well because we mean it. What got us to this level? There are several things to keep in mind before encountering the absolute beast of a disease known as alcoholism and addiction. We must understand this disease. First and foremost, we must understand what we are dealing with because it is unlike any other disease treated today. It is not simply physical, psychological, or spiritual. It is all of these things at once and then some. Therefore, proper recovery treatment requires true knowledge of the condition.

Alcoholism and addiction are a disease of a three-fold nature: the mental obsession, the physical allergy, and the spiritual malady. Intimate knowledge of the book Alcoholics Anonymous is nothing short of necessary. If you have hands-on experience with the disease and the solution outlined in the book, even better. The three “prongs” of the disease mean it touches every aspect of human existence for the sufferer. The program-oriented solution outlined in Alcoholics Anonymous produces change across all these levels simultaneously. This disease is deeply personal, so personal knowledge of both the disease and its most effective solution is essentially required.

What Caring Recovery Treatment Looks Like

Lasting and transformative addiction recovery treatment must be as personal as the disease itself. We are not simply making people well and sending them on their way. Recovery lasts a lifetime, as alcoholism and addiction are not curable. Simply put, the disease never goes away, but the 12-Step program produces recovery from the disease for as long as a person engages in it. When the solution is stopped, the disease will most likely return. To make the solution permanently appealing, individuals must share it on a deeply personal level.

This requires intimate knowledge of the person being treated. The 12-Steps are a blanket solution that can work for any alcoholic or addict, but the process of recovery is unique for each individual. Therefore, we must help each person discover and identify their own reasons for engaging in and staying with the 12-Step program.

This is why Jaywalker Lodge has such a unique intake and introduction process. We seek to know who we are helping so that elements of the Jaywalker program can be personally tailored to each unique individual. When you really get to know someone, you can’t help but care about them. If you understand the disease, you can’t help but understand how personal it really is. If you understand the solution, you can’t help but want to share it. Alcoholism and addiction are unlike any other disease, and the solution requires a lot of personal touches.

Jaywalker Lodge is not the only addiction recovery treatment center that cares, but we are among the best. We have narrowed our focus, specializing in helping men with addiction and alcoholism who may or may not have co-occurring mental and emotional health issues. We also specialize in helping those who have experienced numerous failed attempts to engage in recovery successfully. These are our people, and focusing on them gives us the ability to get truly hands-on and deeply personal. Alcoholism and addiction have such a wide scope as a disease that we find it necessary to narrow our focus in this way. There is a right place for everyone, and we found ours. Hopefully, it’s the right place for you, too. We wish nothing more than for every alcoholic and addict to find lasting, happy recovery. If you are a man who has struggled in the past, Jaywalker Lodge is here for you. Call us now at (866) 529-9255.

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