The Importance of Versatile Trauma Treatment

The Importance of Versatile Trauma Treatment

Amongst alcoholics and addicts, trauma is a sadly common experience. Traumatic events and experiences often go hand-in-hand with active alcoholism and addiction. The effects of trauma at any age can contribute to a rapid addictive decline. Often the mental and emotional wounds combine, creating a perfect storm of pain, seeking relief, more pain, more relief, and so on. For the lucky ones, the addiction cycle is eventually broken with sobriety.

It is at this crucial point that it’s often necessary — even vital — to introduce trauma treatment in addition to the processes of recovery. Failure to address and treat trauma in conjunction with a recovery program can leave the sufferer unnecessarily vulnerable to relapse. It can also make maintaining recovery far more difficult than it needs to be. Healing is an important part of the recovery process, and healing from trauma is of particular importance.

Effective Types of Trauma Treatment

The complex causes and varied types of trauma can present unforeseen vulnerabilities and dangerous places along the journey of recovering. There are a tremendous amount of things that the processes of trauma treatment and recovery have in common. So when a person is in need of both, they work best in tandem. More so, when not undertaken simultaneously, there can be detriments and dangers that are perhaps avoidable. Trauma treatment and recovery both work best when they are committed to in a continuing fashion.

Ongoing, long-term treatments are often necessary and make for a restorative and rewarding experience. Uncovering, processing, and healing from trauma often works best over time and requires individualized therapies. So, too, does recovery yield the best results over time. There are many key points along the timeline of both trauma treatment and recovery where the methods used can and likely should coincide and correlate, as they have great potential for positive feedback with each other.

The most effective types of trauma treatment should coincide with any other treatments an individual is receiving. Integration is highly recommended, as it can often produce positive results. Trauma treatment also seems to work best when it functions within a community treatment model. Here, again, recovery can provide a ready-made plug-in, as community is a major part of the recovery process. Holistic treatment and healing methods are often preferred, as they are interconnected. All of our traumatic, mental, emotional, and sobriety-related problems have a way of becoming intertwined within us, and they often feed off each other.

For instance, alcoholism and addiction can increase depression-like symptoms in individuals. The characteristic negativity of depression can exacerbate trauma-related issues. In this case, treatment for alcoholism, depression, and trauma should be undertaken concurrently, with a holistic approach that has the potential to heal across all the problem areas at once. This healing is often in degrees and progress in any area, however small, can have positive effects on our progress in dealing with our other issues.

The Jaywalker Way

We can now see why trauma treatments work best when well-integrated with our recovery and other treatments, and why these issues should be considered and handled in a holistic manner. Beyond that, it would serve us well to embrace the treatments we may need to overcome any issues as devastating as alcoholism, addiction, and trauma. It is important for trauma treatments to be as versatile, as no two people experience trauma in the same way.

Jaywalker Lodge is unique in this arena, as we primarily serve those who are actively attempting to embrace their recovery and whatever treatments they may need to finally thrive and live their best life. Whether it is purely recovery from addiction or alcoholism or combined with trauma, mental, or emotional health issues, Jaywalker Lodge can significantly aid you in your journey.

We employ an in-depth and extensive intake process, which helps make sure that you want to be here and that we’re the right fit for each other. More importantly, it helps us begin the detailed work of understanding your needs. From this, we are able to implement an integrated, holistic, personal, and individualized set of treatments specifically for you as you enjoy all the other benefits of the Jaywalker program.

Each man who comes to us not only participates in daily group activities and the overall Jaywalker program, but receives treatments, education, and therapies that are tailored to their personal needs. Our goal isn’t to get you sober — it is to give you the tools and education you need to heal and recover as a whole person.

It is to show you how to use those tools and to understand what you learn while you are with us. We want your recovery, treatment, and healing to be personal and meaningful. We hope that what we do helps you develop hope, excitement, and purpose in your life. We are here to help you learn, grow, and heal.

Alcoholism and addiction are often accompanied by trauma, and trauma treatments work best when they are individualized and community-based. The same is true for recovery as a whole. At Jaywalker Lodge, our integrated and holistic approach helps men recover from addiction, trauma, and mental and emotional health issues, restoring hope to all who come to us. Personalized treatments can mean the difference between relapse and lasting sobriety. We are ready to help you find your own unique path. To learn more, call us today at (866) 529-9255.

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