Roundtable with The Surgeon General: Aspen, CO

The other night I had the opportunity to sit at a closed round table discussion with the United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams and share ideas with him about treating the opioid epidemic in our country. There were 18 individuals sitting in on the discussion whom all work in the healthcare industry and have experience with the opioid crisis our nation is facing. We introduced ourselves and then shared a bit about our best practices and also what may not be working so well. I got to share about my belief in a strong continuum of care and the need to have that continuum available to all levels of income, not just to the wealthy because they can afford it. I also shared my disagreement with treating opioid addiction with Suboxone and the need to educate physicians on the reality of the addictive qualities and behavior involved with Suboxone. It was also very interesting to hear how our Surgeon General planned to spearhead the fight against opioids in America. He has a true passion towards this crisis because he too has first hand experience with opioids and the destruction they bring to individuals and their families.  I believe that our Surgeon General is authentic and genuine in his action to help our country get through this opioid crisis. It was an honor to be a part of this discussion and I still wonder how I got here. Sobriety has given me back a life I could never have imagined and I am truly grateful for every opportunity sobriety gives me.

Jon Lencioni

Alumni Coordinator

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