The Landing

Prior to joining Jaywalker, a new client will first be admitted to The Landing program. The Landing is our introduction for new clients to Jaywalker staff, programs, community, and expectations.

Jaywalker Solutions addiction treatment center

We will also gather previous treatment records, schedule a physical clearance appointment, and complete a clinical and psychiatric initial assessment. Ensuring our clients are comfortable in their transition into Jaywalker is important to us. Clients admitting to The Landing must arrive clean and sober, as we do not provide detoxification services. The Landing is an opportunity to ensure successful transition into community in an environment with no more than 8 clients. The Landing programming includes attending AA/NA meetings, daily chores, recreational activities, individual and group counseling. Time at The Landing can range from 3 to 21 days, and is in addition to the 90-day Lodge or Solutions program.

Clients coming into Jaywalker Lodge after completing a primary care program will enter The Landing for 5-7 days. We will focus on initial community integration in making transition out of a primary care containment based environment into the Jaywalker Carbondale community.

Clients are active with recreation and clinical assignments as we develop an individualized treatment plan. Clients coming to Jaywalker that need education, re-entry to recovery curriculum, or have had a recent relapse, will extend their Landing Program stay up to 21 days. This process is based on structure and additional clinical support and services to acclimate, stabilize, and orient clients to the recovery process before beginning our Jaywalker Lodge or Jaywalker Solutions program.