JWL Moab Expedition

Active adventure addiction recovery

This past week Jaywalker Lodge ventured into the Utah desert on yet another successful and incredible Moab Expedition. This trip is amongst the favorites for both alumni of Jaywalker and the Clients themselves as they partake in mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking some of the country’s most unique and challenging trails and rock walls. For me this trip holds a special place. I am a staff member but on this trip and trips like it I am allowed the opportunity to take the clients mountain biking and watch our guys push themselves as well as one another. These expeditions provide a platform and exemplify one of the most profound aspects for what Jaywalker’s mission is, for young men early in recovery to help and support one another toward a positive and common goal. This is what helped me in my early recovery and is still what I see helping countless others.

Jaywalker Lodge

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