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14Who is a Jaywalker?

  • An addict with a tendency to relapse in the past despite an honest desire to recover
  • An alcoholic who continues drinking or using because he believes that his life would be boring without it
  • An addict who, after a treatment experience, knows all the right things to say but continues to make self-destructive decisions
  • A “adrenaline junkie” who continues to drink or use to enhance the experiences of his unhealthy and risky behavior
  • A addict who has let his lack of self-confidence, fear and anxiety stop him from becoming the man he wants to be
  • A man who has had a taste of what true recovery can feel like but always lets it slip away as a result of his own tendency to isolate
  • An alcoholic that needs a fresh start at life in a supportive community surrounded by recovering peers
  • A man who needs to shift his focus from the wreckage of his past to the promises of a bright future in recovery