How to Help a Child With Addiction

Many people associate addictions with adults, but children can become addicted too. Addiction tends to run in the family, and while you may have tried to keep your child safe, it isn’t always possible. Teen addiction is still a prevalent issue caused by many factors, from environmental to hereditary. Here’s how to help your child get the treatment they need. Why Is My Teen Addicted? There are many factors that play into teen and child addiction. Whether it be peer pressure, curiosity, rebellion, a way to cope with stress/anxiety, or expectations, there are many reasons why teens and children choose to take substances that develop into addiction. It isn’t necessarily because they are “bad” or “acting out.” In fact, many teens don’t try substances to anger parents, but rather because their brains aren’t as developed as adult brains. This doesn’t say anything about their intelligence, but rather their brain development … Continue reading How to Help a Child With Addiction