Extended Table

Extended table sober support

As an alumni of Jaywalker Lodge I am given the opportunity to stay connected, both in the Lodge and importantly in the surrounding community through volunteering.  I was able to take a group of guys from the Lodge to Glenwood Springs to participate in a program called, “extended table” to take the time to help feed the homeless people of that community a well rounded meal at a local church.  Through this I believe that there is an appreciation not only from the people receiving the meal but from the group of men from Jaywalker that can continue to build a sense of service and take pride in positive growth with in their recovery.  This particular trip was led by a solid group that knew the purpose of what we were doing and set the tone for a great experience that left many thankful people. It is opportunities like this in recovery to have a chance to step outside ourselves and even though small, try to make any difference we can to make an impact in the community around us.


Justin K

Jaywalker Alum

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