Celebrating Every Victory

celebrating victory

It’s a major part of the Western mindset to focus on avoiding bad things rather than embracing good things, but especially with alcoholics and addicts like us. We love to focus on the negative, worry about escaping crisis, or generally sell ourselves short. Too often, we forget to celebrate the victories (big or small), embrace the positive, or at least peek at the bright side. It’s time to change all that and start to look at how we can adjust our perspective on a daily basis to include a bit more joy and celebration. Practice Makes Progress There are no quick fixes for altering a lifetime of skewing towards the negative. We’ve trained ourselves for years to see and focus on the bad. Our minds, habits, and attitudes won’t change overnight. It’s important that we don’t get discouraged. Good things take time, and so does learning how to see the…

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We Believe #12: The Goal of Sobriety Is To Live a Life of Joy, Abundance, and Meaning

life of joy

At Jaywalker Lodge, we are guided by our hearts in everything we do. In fact, the whole Jaywalker operation is guided by heart, and the heart of Jaywalker is summed up in our 12 “We Believe” statements. These are the reasons, motivations, and guiding lights for every single action and for every single person here. We’ve come to our 12th and final belief, and perhaps the most important one. Nothing sums up Jaywalker Lodge better than We Believe #12. If there’s one thing you need to know about Jaywalker Lodge, it’s that we truly believe in this sentiment with every fiber of our being. We Believe #12: We believe that while complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol is an essential strategy in early recovery, the ultimate goal of sobriety is to live a life of joy, abundance, and meaning. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? And the best part is, we know it to…

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How Can I Change Everything?


When we are new in recovery, we often hear the silly slogan “The only thing you have to change is everything.” It’s said in jest, but it’s also true to a large degree. For those of us who are new to recovery, this can seem like a tall order. Never mind the fact that we’re new in recovery and so much is already changing, but we have to change everything? There’s a lot of helpful information that we can learn about this phrase and what the intense goal of changing “everything” really means.The Goal: Everything First, we need to examine this goal closely. Changing everything is a lot! Is this something we genuinely want for ourselves, something we feel pressure to do, or was it something somebody told us? We need to look at the source of this goal and do some serious contemplating. The reason that the recovery community tells…

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Outside Issues: Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition

We take on a lot in early recovery. Pretty much everything about our lifestyle changes. We have new things to do like attending meetings and working the 12 Steps. We have a whole new community of friends in the recovery fellowship. We find fun new ways to spend our time sober and reinforce the joy of our life in recovery. But there is one area of our lives that isn’t mentioned frequently in the recovery literature: our physical health. While everything changes for the better in early recovery, we don’t pay much attention to our physical health. Just by being abstinent from substances, our health has already improved greatly! So of course, we don’t think too much about it. But perhaps there are some things we should consider about this often overlooked area of our lives in recovery.Recovery and Health The 12-Steps and the recovery literature don’t say much about…

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I Think It’s Too Late For Me. Can I Really Start Over?


First things first — it’s never too late. If you’re still breathing, there is still time left. Don’t give up hope, and don’t give up on yourself. If you’re struggling with addiction, there is a solution — and it really works! Thousands of us have been where you are now, and we are happy and whole in our lives in recovery. As far as starting over goes, life is a series of restarts. The idea of having to “start over” paints a picture that beginning again is a bad thing. But the ebb and flow of life doesn’t work like that. Just look at nature: trees fall over and die, but from the collapsed trunk, a new tree grows. We’re lucky because we don’t have to fall over or die to start anew. We can do it right now, right from wherever we are. No, it’s not too late for…

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Jaywalker Programs: The Landing and the Lodge

Jaywalker Lodge

Jaywalker Lodge is a special place. Perhaps we’re a little biased, but years of experience and personal understanding of recovery have helped us grow into a place that’s different in a lot of really helpful ways. At Jaywalker Lodge, our passion and sole purpose are to help men find lasting, long-term recovery. It’s a cause that we believe in with all our hearts. This may be due in part to the fact that many of us know about recovery first-hand from our own lives. We aren’t just here to help you find recovery, we’ve found it ourselves. So beyond the knowledge and expertise of addiction recovery and treatment from a professional perspective, we have a personal understanding of it as well. Now, of course, we have a multi-disciplinary staff of professionals and we have our years of hands-on experience in recovery. This all comes together to guide everything about Jaywalker…

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The Upside of Responsibility

responsibility in recovery

Here at Jaywalker Lodge, we do everything with purpose. There are no arbitrary or frivolous decisions made here, ever. Before you get worried that we’re too serious or stern, please take a closer look. We’re serious about helping men find lasting recovery, and we’re serious about the choices we make and the things we do. But we are not a glum lot — recovery is seriously a blessing and we couldn’t be happier or more excited about it. We make sure to have plenty of fun every single day, but we work as hard as we play. We spend time hanging out together, laughing, enjoying meals, going to meetings, and being of service to the community. If you don’t think these things are a total blast, try joining us and see for yourself. Ever been skiing? Hiking or rafting? We’re all about adventures in the great outdoors. That’s part of…

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Expeditions Both Outside and Inside


Jaywalker Lodge stands out for many reasons, and we don’t say that to brag. The only reason we even mention it is because we believe the things we do differently are the exact things that make a real difference in saving the lives of alcoholics and addicts. We don’t say we stand out to make ourselves feel better. We love what we do and we feel great about it. But if what we do and how we do things is making a difference in the lives of people struggling to find lasting recovery, then we want to share it in hopes that more alcoholics and addicts can be helped. The staff at Jaywalker Lodge is mostly composed of people who understand the process of successful recovery because they know it firsthand, in their own lives. Jaywalker Lodge is also firmly, unashamedly, happily rooted in the 12-Step program of recovery. The…

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Principles Before Personalities

principles over personalities

For any alcoholic or addict newly introduced to the program of recovery, it is incredibly likely to hear the phrase “principles before personalities” at pretty much every meeting we attend. We’ll hear it said a lot in general. But what exactly does it mean? And what is it trying to tell us? Personalities Most of us already understand what a personality is. It’s simply how someone acts and treats others, especially in public. Some people’s personalities are pleasant, charming, and friendly. Other people’s personalities may be unapproachable, gruff, or even a little unlikeable. It’s a harsh reality perhaps, but it’s unlikely that we are going to become friends with every person we meet — and that is totally fine. We naturally gravitate toward certain types of people, and to each their own. But in our disease, it’s also unlikely that we were always tolerant and understanding of people whose personalities…

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How Can I Be Fearless?

facing your fears

In pretty much every action movie ever made, the hero is somebody fearless. Sometimes the world can seem like a pretty scary place, so of course we want to be fearless. It sounds great. To never be scared of anything ever again? Sign me up! But this is real life, not an action movie. The fearlessness of, say, Wolverine isn’t really achievable. The guy is practically immortal, so there’s nothing for him to be afraid of. Do you remember the scene where Indiana Jones had to walk across the invisible bridge? That’s the kind of fearlessness we’re after. Indy was visibly frightened, but he did it anyway. He showed bravery and courage. He took a leap of faith. Sometimes we have to be fearless about taking leaps of faith in our own life, especially when it comes to our recovery and our spiritual growth. There are going to be a…

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