Frequently Asked Questions

Found below are the answers to questions we are commonly asked in regards to our program, admissions, and other topics.

If you have any additional questions not found here, or you are looking to learn more about the Jaywalker Lodge program, please call a staff member at 1 866 529 9255 or email us at

What is your length of stay?

Jaywalker offers has a minimum length of stay of 97 days. We have a continuum of programs including Jaywalker Lodge, Solutions, Sober Living, and Out Patient to care for our clients into their first year in recovery.

What type of addictions does Jaywalker treat?

Jaywalker treats clients with a primary chemical dependency diagnosis. We work with men that have addictions to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates, benzodiazepines and other drugs. We do work with clients that have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis.

What is your admission process?

Potential clients will have a pre-admission interview with one of our admissions team members before being cleared for intake.  This interview is designed to help determine appropriateness for the Jaywalker program. We will assess motivation for recovery and physical ability to fully participate.

Are cell phones and laptops allowed?

We are an extended care program that does encourage communication with families and friends that are supportive of the recovery process. We do not allow personal devices like cell phones and laptops in our Lodge program, however, we do provide landline phones and a client computer that our men may use anytime. We just ask that they do not have a personal device that can be a distraction. Jaywalker Solutions program does allow cellular phones and personal computers. Clients that enter the Solutions program are working or going to school and have had success in community in early recovery.

Is visitation allowed during a client’s stay?

Absolutely. We encourage visitation during a client’s stay at Jaywalker. This is a process that our Clinical Staff will work directly with the client and family to determine times that would be appropriate. We also offer a 4 day Family Program, which is highly recommended.

How does Jaywalker differ from other programs?

Jaywalker is based on an open community treatment model. We believe that treatment and recovery must take place with community at the core, and effective acclimation into recovery must take place in a real life setting. Some aspects include 12 Step community integration, robust recreation, service work, developing balance and sober identity.

Does Jaywalker accept insurance?

Jaywalker does work with insurance for out of network reimbursement coverage. Please call to run a verification of benefits to determine if your policy has coverage at Jaywalker. Jaywalker is not set up to work with Medicare or Medicaid.

Does Jaywalker provide detox services?

Jaywalker does not provide detox services. Men entering Jaywalker must be clean and sober. We will help with recommendations for detox services if necessary, please call for more details.

How are families involved in the treatment process?

Family communication and involvement is managed by our clinical staff. We encourage communication and will establish expectations around frequency case by case. We offer a 4 day Family Program to help our clients and families with the addiction and recovery process. We will always provide aftercare recommendations for every client.