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Trauma-Informed Treatment for Men

So many men in recovery – even those in long-term recovery – are relapsing, losing marriages, disconnecting from others and their Twelve Step communities, abusing loved ones, and acting out in other ways because they are still caught up in anxiety, anger, rage, and depression as a result of untreated Trauma.” Dan Griffith, MA “A New Focus on Men’s Trauma” was the topic of the luncheon/workshop presented by Dan Griffith author of A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps, the first trauma-informed book taking a holistic look at men’s experience of recovery from addictions. I had the pleasure of participating in the workshop with Jackie Wheeler, Senior Solutions counselor, who was also part of the inaugural Males, Trauma, and Addiction Summit which developed The Eight Agreements concerning men and trauma. Dan’s extensive research is bringing to light the often unrecognized and undiagnosed trauma that up to 95% of men entering…

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