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Shredding Sobriety, Mink hucks 4 big ones

In 2010, I came back to Jaywalker Lodge to be a counselor intern during my last semester in Graduate School. When I got back all of my friends were talking about this guy who had gone through Jaywalker Lodge while I was away. His name was Adam Mink. Apparently, he was a great guy, good for our community, and just happened to shred on skis and killed it on a mountain bike. I asked if he was alcoholic. They said, oh yeah, he’s that too. During that fall Adam and I were introduced and I liked him right away. I saw a young man who was really engaged in life and engaged with his friends. He was walking the program and seemed totally authentic. We would see each other at Dos Gringos getting coffee and run into each other in meetings or in town. Every time I saw him he…

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