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Winter Symposium on Addiction Disorders

Jaywalker Lodge will be exhibiting and attending the Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium January 29 – February 2 in Colorado Springs.  Please join us in the hospitality suite Tuesday morning from 8am – 11:45am for refreshments and discussion of our programs and best practices.  We will be exhibiting at booth #24.  Bob Ferguson’s talk titled  “It’s All Greek to Me- A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Launch of a National Sober College Fraternity” will be Tuesday 1:45-3:15pm. All other details regarding they Winter Symposium may be found at http://cspaws.com

A New High: Mountain Biking Helps Endurance Racer Reclaim Life After Drug Abuse

Dave Krimstock, Jaywalker Expedition Assistant and Alumnus, was featured in Mountain Flyer Magazine this month.  The feature includes Dave’s experience, strength, and hope within his own recovery and accomplishment.  Thank you Dave for your leadership and commitment to helping other men discover themselves. http://www.mountainflyermagazine.com/view.php/a-new-high-mountain-biking-helps-endurance-racer-reclaim-life-after-drug-abuse.html

Dave K Celebrates 4

Dave K sober living

Today we celebrate 4 years clean and sober for Jaywalker Expedition Assistant Dave Krimstock.  It has been an honor for me to know Dave since he decided to come to Jaywalker.  When Dave first arrived, the seed of sobriety had only just been planted.  I watched him as he watered and nurtured that seed.  It got plenty of sun and started to grow and blossom.  Just like his facial hair, it needs to get trimmed and maintained from time to time.  Dave is like a beautiful recovery flower. He likely holds the record for most homemade chocolate chippers eaten on a consecutive basis.  My best guess is the number is around 75-125 consecutive days.  Endurance athletes are now calling this particular training method “The Kornelius”. Dave has amazing determination and focus as daily strengths.  He has the ability to shut out the negative thoughts and push his body beyond the…

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Jaywalker Softball

Sober living Softball champs

Once again the Jaywalkers will be well represented in the world of Carbondale sports. For the third year in a row we will have two Jaywalker softball teams competing in the Tuesday night men’s softball league. Come cheer on Jaywalker 1 as they defend their championship title from last year!

6th Annual Sedona Alumni Trip

adventure addiction treatment program

On May 9th the Jaywalker Alumni group will depart for the 6th Annual Sedona Mountain Bike trip. Since 2010 a group of Jaywalker alums have traveled to Sedona Arizona for 4 nights and 5 days of fellowship. It is the most anticipated Alumni trip of the year and includes all levels of shenanigans. We rent a house and the alumni enjoy big breakfasts with no shortage of bacon, amazing adventure mountain bike rides through the high desert, swimming in the pool when it gets hot, family dinners every night, and even the occasional push up competition. It is an experience not to be missed. If anybody is interested please contact me right away as the trip is nearly full.

Out There

David Clark sober living

We are excited to announce that the author of, “Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery” will be sharing his story at Jaywalker Lodge at 1pm. We hope to see you there!

More from Moore

sober community giving

The Solutions expedition to Moore, Oklahoma was a bittersweet yet extremely beneficial experience for our group and my recovery. We saw a true example of powerlessness the day after a tornado ravaged several houses, leaving unsuspecting victims homeless. We were fortunate enough to be there the day after the destruction to help clean-up the wreckage and serve those who were less fortunate. It was an eye-opening experience that reminded me how lucky I am to be a part of the sober community in the Roaring Fork Valley. Dylan M. Solutions Client

Moore, Oklahoma

sober living

The random destruction of natural disasters has always been something intangible to me, a 2 minute news story to be consumed for small talk fodder. Even when I lived in NYC during Hurricane Sandy, my life was marginally inconvenienced at worst. I have lived a sheltered, self-centered life that I very nearly took from myself in active addiction. I viewed community service through that paradigm: a school or work mandated chore to be slogged through. Then I spent an evening in a walk-in fridge, in Moore Oklahoma while a tornado indiscriminately ravaged homes and took a life. My senses undulled, I was afraid in that moment, grateful to be safe, and then struck by the undeserved suffering those next two days. I won’t soon forget the families huddled together in destroyed homes or the throngs of volunteers that flooded the streets to help those in need. As our group wandered…

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JWL Moab Expedition

extended care for men adventure bound

The Moab expedition has always been my favorite. I’ll never forget my first time there when I was a client in the Lodge. I had never been to Utah before, so I had no idea what to expect. I remember seeing nothing but empty fields once we crossed the border into Utah and I was wondering what the heck we were going to do in this barren, dried up wasteland. But once we got off our exit and made our way into the town, I was completely taken back by how beautiful the massive, red, rocky surroundings were. It was like I was in a Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote cartoon. Nothing has changed since that first trip; it still blows my mind every time I’m there. This last trip was just as special as the rest. With 23 clients in attendance, I was almost certain there would be some drama…

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IOP Skydivers

Cary sober living

The Jaywalker outpatient clients headed to Moab this past week for three days of golf, mountain biking, skydiving and helicopter riding. A total of 8-clients participated in our trip to Moab along with two staff members from Wednesday March 18 to Friday March 20, 2015. Our men were fully engaged in activities throughout the trip and as usual, represented Jaywalker Lodge in fine form. Six of the eight clients jumped on Friday morning at the Moab airport. Skydive Moab has been hosting Jaywalker clients for 3-years and their professional crew put all at ease before the jump. For 5 of our clients, this was a first jump. Also, a first jump for our Solutions staff member, Cary Pew. For the 2-clients who were not so thrilled with idea of jumping form a perfectly good aircraft, a helicopter ride through the Canyonlands was a sufficient back up activity. The helicopter tour…

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