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St. George Alumni Trip

Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Jaywalker Alumni trip to St George, Utah.  To anyone that has never attended the alumni trips, I would highly recommend it.  Not only was I able to get away from the rain and snow of this Colorado spring, but was able to reconnect with many good friends I have not seen in years after my departure from Carbondale.  I was reminded of the true meaning of friendship and brotherhood in sobriety after seeing everyone again.  There was a good amount of Jaywalkers I had not met before the trip and had an amazing time getting to know them as well!  I moved to Boulder, CO several years ago and had almost forgotten how awesome the group of guys at Jaywalker are, and how amazing Carbondale is.  It is so comforting knowing that we can accomplish anything in the world,…

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Last week I had the opportunity to spend three days with the Jaywalker U students in Winter Park, Colorado, for Spring Semester 2014 orientation.  These young men come from all walks of life, they have differing stories, and their personalities are as different as night and day.  Yet, moment-by-moment these young men accepted the quirks of each other, worked together and played together.  Each was accepted, and felt acceptable, as members of the JWU program.  This act of acceptance helped them be more willing to share a part of themselves with the group.  This is the beauty of being accepted.  Acceptance is more of an act and a behavior than a statement or declaration.  The two newest students told their stories to the group, and once again, the act of acceptance was felt in the room due to intimacy, sharing, and relief that they have made it to this point…

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