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Sober for Subway

Every year Colorado Mountain College puts on an Alcohol Awareness Week at its Spring Valley Campus! The Jaywalker U students will be sharing their experience strength and hope next Monday night at 7:00pm for the “Sober for Subway” student panel. Come enjoy some food and hear the stories of the sober students here at Jaywalker U! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Humanities Education

Carolyn Gregoire wrote an article in The Third Metric of the Huffington Post (1/30/14), espousing the values of a humanities education. She included some interesting quotes which alluded to: Not worrying about post college when you enter college That money is a bad way to measure the value of a college major, and Even more important, that college students should be encouraged to study something for which they have a natural talent. There exists a stereotype called the broke-unemployed-humanities-major, but proponents of the humanities claim that “career-specific skills can often be learned on the job, whereas critical thinking and problem-solving skills are invaluable benefits of a humanities education” (The Third Metric, Huffington Post, 1/30/14).  I thought I would challenge the stereotype by listing the names and area of study of some very successful humanities majors. Conan O’Brien, History and American Literature Ted Turner, Classics Mitt Romney, English J.K. Rowling, French and Classics Steven Spielberg, English…

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“Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous.” – Brene Brown When I entered treatment a year ago, vulnerability was a flaw, a defect that would ultimately hurt me as a man. That wall was broken down very quickly. I learned to share my emotions as well as my story with others. I learned to open myself up because I was taught that I could not overcome the disease of addiction alone. I’d like to say that this year has been easy, but quite frankly it has been one of the most challenging of my life. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been rewarding. This past year has given me things that I never thought possible; and it all started with me being vulnerable, being open to people and ideas and of course: asking for the help. I have been given my life back, I have friends who…

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