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Bucket List

Hot pepper winds baked in the radiance of ancient lava flows, in your face reminding you of where you are. This is the Kona highway, the Iron-man road. These were bucket list miles for me.  I’ve wanted to ride them for years after witnessing the Iron-man Triathlon on Wide World of Sports. Checked them off last week.  I have found over the years that bucket list adventures are not for those on the way out but rather for those on the way up. They are sometimes unplanned, slapping you in the face and saying “What are you waiting for?”  There are others which are long held desires sitting somewhere on the horizon.  We all have these, hear them beckoning.  For me, recovery means we need to heed the call of these inner voices which seek to challenge us and  rip apart our comfort zones.  Skydiving over Moab arches and Wisconsin…

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