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Tobacco Free

Last week Jaywalker Lodge introduced the very first nicotine cessation program that is available to all Jaywalker Lodge clients. The program is a 12-step based nicotine anonymous group along with separate clinical support and the option of using nicotine patches or gum. The program is a peer driven where three clients have dedicated themselves to being nicotine free. They have announced their quit dates to the peer group in hopes that they will lend them their support. I have always had trouble with nicotine in the past and at one point was clean from nicotine for 4 years. The one thing that got me through in the past, was the support of the peer group and applying the 12 steps to my addictive nature. This idea came from a photograph that I received of Jaywalker Lodge clients on an expedition. It was a picture of clients mountain biking in a beautiful setting…

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