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What’s going on here?

Jaywalker Lodge residential center mural prep

You never know what facilities manager, Rocky Willcuts, is up to when the blue tarp comes out! Make sure to attend Jaywalker’s 10 year anniversary to find out!

Lending a Helping Hand

Our Operations Team broke out of their normal duties today by lending a hand to our Facilities Manager, Rocky Willcuts. Rocky’s lists of duties as Facilities Manager are large and ever growing. With winter behind us, the shovels and plows put away, our clients away on Expedition and some “spring cleaning” needing to be done. Kortney was out in the Beautiful Colorado sunshine weeding flower beds and laying new mulch down. Natalyn and Steve were found inside one of our buildings giving our walls a fresh coat of paint. As my grandma used to say, “Many hands make light work.” We are truly a “team” here at Jaywalker and this is another shining example. I look forward to the next client expedition and what our Operations Team will be helping out with. Penny Brown Administrative Coordinator Jaywalker Lodge

Rocky Turns 10

Happy 10th Birthday Rocky!! Rocky, though you like to fly under the lights of recognition, we must congratulate you! What you mean to Jaywalker Lodge can not be put into words, you are the very fabric that binds us together. Please take a moment Rocky and reflect on all that you bring to this world each and every day. We Love You and want to all collectively give you a Birthday Hug! Dirk

Congratulations Rocky

Rocky Willcuts………where to start?  Maybe with his amazing homemade cheesecakes??  OR his stained glass??  OR his ability to fix any and everything??  Rocky is one if the hardest working, kind, caring hard-headed individuals I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.  If you need something done right and done now, not yesterday, Rocky is your man! Clark(previous Chef) had warned me about this “Rocky” and I thought to myself after working under many strict, borderline mentally insane chefs, how bad could he be?  Well it turns out Rocky is a big puppy dog, willing to help any and all that are willing to listen and take direction from this wise retired marine.  When I first met Rocky he was using his tool-belt to hold his liters of Mountain Dew, bit of an exaggeration but looking back may have been a good idea;)  Rocky puts in long days during…

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