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Family Program is here!

Today Jaywalker Lodge men hung out in the sun and play some “beach” volleyball before this month’s Family Program begins. Family Program can be a hard time for a lot of our men and their families, but it has proven to be a vital part in the recovery process. The program provides Jaywalker men and their loved ones with an opportunity to reconnect in a supportive, non-threatening environment. Participants will engage not only in education, family counseling and group therapy, but also in the same mountain-based recreational activities which are at the heart of the Jaywalker recovery experience. We wish all of our men and their families a great family program! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Roaring Fork Whitewater

Every Monday Jaywalker Lodge men go out into the beautiful mountains that surround us for a day of recreation. With spring comes the melting of snow, and with the melting of snow comes white water rafting. Today the Jaywalker men spent the day rafting the local white water rapids on the Roaring Fork River. We believe that physical recreation and fitness contributes to a full and meaningful life. Rafting requires a lot of teamwork, so you are more than just traveling together, you are all working together to move that boat where you want it to go. This same principal can be applied to recovery; we can do together what we could never do by ourselves. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U