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Chef Brian has a Boy

“Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails… That’s what little boys are made of!” Vincent Joseph Trom made his much anticipated arrival on Saturday, January 16th at 12:30 p.m. He weighed in at a very healthy 6.9 lbs. and was 19 inches long. Vincent is the first born of our wonderful Chef, Brian Trom and his lovely wife Shiloh. For any of us that have been blessed with children, we know what a miracle childbirth is. Words can simply not describe the incredible joy, the swelling of your heart  and the overwhelming love you feel  as your child comes into this world. They immediately turn life as you know it upside down. They steal your heart, they steal your sleep, they steal your time, they steal whatever selfishness you may have possessed and they become the center of your world…and rightfully so. The sleeplessness will pass, replaced with giggles and…

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Changing Lives with Homes

Habitat sober living volunteer work

You see them come up across the world, volunteers getting together to build a house for a family – which in turn becomes their home. Today 6 Jaywalker Employees got the chance to help Habitat for Humanity out on one such house being built in Carbondale. Along with that, we got to meet the family who will own it. We certainly got a taste of what a carpenter does along with the obstacles that rain brings. We mucked, caulked and hung siding and yes got a little wet. Some of us came with experience; others, such as my-self, came with very little. The carpenters, Dan and Mike, were wonderful in their teaching and patience of showing us what needed to be done. At the end of the day we are a little dirty, a little tired, a little wet; but the overall outcome of watching a family walk through a…

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Lending a Helping Hand

Our Operations Team broke out of their normal duties today by lending a hand to our Facilities Manager, Rocky Willcuts. Rocky’s lists of duties as Facilities Manager are large and ever growing. With winter behind us, the shovels and plows put away, our clients away on Expedition and some “spring cleaning” needing to be done. Kortney was out in the Beautiful Colorado sunshine weeding flower beds and laying new mulch down. Natalyn and Steve were found inside one of our buildings giving our walls a fresh coat of paint. As my grandma used to say, “Many hands make light work.” We are truly a “team” here at Jaywalker and this is another shining example. I look forward to the next client expedition and what our Operations Team will be helping out with. Penny Brown Administrative Coordinator Jaywalker Lodge

Kim Celebrates 29

Last Saturday our very own, Kim Nuzzo, celebrated 29 years of sobriety. Kim has been a Chemical Dependency Counselor for the last 20 years and has been a great example of what long term sobriety can look like. Kim, thank you for everything you do and here is just a small list of the lives you’ve touched here: Kim has been a part of my journey since the beginning and I feel so grateful that he’s my friend. – Brendon Kerton “Nothing impacts a still-suffering alcoholic more than hearing the language of the heart from another alcoholic in recovery” – AA Conference 2001. Kim – Congratulations on 29 years of sharing your experience, strength and hope. – Jacquie Wheeler Kim Nuzzo’s talent as a clinician is only surpassed by his talent as a photographer of, “Homies” figurines. These photographs truly express the inner workings of what must surely be a most…

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Happy Birthday Nat

Natalyn Cumings – Manager of Human Resources and Client Billing – just celebrated her Birthday! One of the first pictures I saw of Natalyn, before actually meeting her, was of her doing a flip on a trampoline. She was mid-air when the camera caught her image, soaring high, living her life. It brought back memories of my younger days, jumping on trampolines, laughing, and letting myself go and just enjoy the moment. I remember thinking how fun she must be, almost hearing her laughter as I looked at the picture. Well, I was right. I’ve known Natalyn for a year and a half now and through that time I have watched her not only embrace life, but grab it by the horns and live it. She gives her all no matter what she is doing; whether it’s work, yoga, running, family, friends – she puts her heart into all of…

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I’m not a fan of traffic, in fact I don’t know many people that are.  I lived in Chicago for a few years and had to deal with rush hour traffic on a daily basis.   Living in this valley we are blessed with not having many traffic jams and those usually come from an accident, weather and the occasional cattle drive.   I was stuck in one such traffic jam today as I brought the back roads to work and I have to say I didn’t mind one bit. There’s something wonderful about watching a cattle drive.   The steam of each breath the cowboys and their horses take.  The cattle dogs running back and forth to keep the cattle in line, biting at their heels when they delay or wander in the wrong direction, the quick look up to one of the hands for approval  and then off they go again.  …

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Congrats Patrick

Patrick Young, our newest addition to the Jaywalker Staff, just celebrated his 5 Year Sobriety Birthday yesterday. Pat made the move from Minnesota to Carbondale to work here. He is one of our alumni and lives his life to the fullest. He has a new job and a new home and still takes the time to explore Colorado on his off hours. He’s been backpacking and camping with his friends quite a bit this summer in Colorado. During that time he has summited 6 Fourteeners; four of which were in one day. This stamina and determination is part of who he is. We see this in his sobriety, how he has attacked his new career and his overwhelming love for the outdoors. He is one of our staff who steps up to go on the expeditions with our clients. Whether it’s camping at Twin Lakes, Mountain Biking in Moab or…

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Happy Birthday Kort

Yesterday, Kortney Shaffer, aka Kortney Hartman, Operations Manager, celebrated her Birthday.  This year has been a full one for Kortney, especially these last few months.  Along with her many day to day tasks as Operations Manager, she was given the task of overseeing the new Boomerang Coffee Shop that Jaywalker recently purchased.  Working side by side with Adam Mink to get everything up and running, she planned a wonderful Grand Re-opening and nailed all of it.  Now, as if that wasn’t enough to make anyone a little stressed, throw in the fact that she is also planning and organizing every detail to our upcoming Annual Serenity Scramble in two months, was planning her wedding, which was last weekend, buying their first home and now celebrating her birthday.   Through it all, Kortney did it with amazing grace, style and perfection, as only she could. Kortney is much more than all…

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Happy Birthday Jeff

The Jeff Kremer, runner extraordinaire and Director of Clinical Operations, celebrated his Belly Button Birthday yesterday.  Jeff is currently out of town celebrating this momentous occasion, but he is never far from our hearts here at Jaywalker.  When interviewing for a position at Jaywalker, Jeff makes it a point to come off as quite intimidating, and while he may never forgive me for saying this, he is the exact opposite of that. After working with Jeff for almost a year, I’ve come to see that it was an exterior facade.   Jeff makes everyone at Jaywalker laugh daily, whether it’s during the winter and he’s talking about the very fun commute he gets to make on HWY 82 or some other comment he has made with that straight face of his right before he breaks a smile.  He’s intelligent, speaks his mind, super proud of his kids and loves to read…

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Happy Birthday Mike

Mike Goerne is celebrating his belly button birthday today. Mike is originally from Minnesota but truly embraces the active lifestyle of Colorado. Mike’s love of Lacrosse, cross-fit and dirt bikes keep him very busy when he isn’t at Jaywalker. He gives back to our community in many ways especially coaching Lacrosse and hockey.  In fact, this year the Aspen high school boys Lacrosse team made it to the final four in state with almost all of the players returning next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring home the championship next season. Mike has been here since the start of Jaywalker and has worked harder than we know to ensure it’s success. In all that you do Mike, we see hard work, loyalty and dedication, whether it’s your personal life or business. Happy birthday Mike and enjoy your day. Hard work spotlights the Character of people; some turn up…

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