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2015 NAADAC Conference

Oyen addiction team and support

The NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals) annual conference in Washington DC this year was amazing! I was able to present on “The Family in Early Recovery: The Pitfalls & Hazards, an In-depth look.” The room was at max capacity as I began with some experiential exercises followed by an interactive discussion about how the family can either hinder or support recovery and the necessary change required. Quoted from Dr. Mike Barnes, “Faced with change the family has but two options… accommodate the change or resist the change.” Families that resist the change, whether consciously or subconsciously, are able to sabotage recovery. Armed with this knowledge, the newly sober individual as well as the family system can address their behaviors and processes that could create a pitfall or hazard to recovery and the change required. The conference theme suggested we cannot forget about the family and I believe the family…

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Patrick Young Celebrates 6 Years

Patrick sober living

While there are many things I could say about my friend Pat Young… I will mention a few that I believe highlight what I see in him. I once heard a quote describing John Wayne that went something like, “He’s hard to knock off his horse.” This exemplifies Pat as a clinician and a recovering man. I have seen Pat swim up the proverbial clinical stream, against the flow, in advocacy of his clients. He always places their needs above his own. Pat is dedicated to those, new to recovery, who may share with Pat similar struggles with the early steps of recovery… Especially the higher power. Pat is an inspiration! Happy belly button and recovery birthdays! You’re truly one of a kind. I am glad you were born Pat! Oyen Hoffman, LMFT, LAC, MAC Program Supervisor Jaywalker Lodge

Continuing the Family Experience

Jaywalker Lodge Mural Reveal

In this months Jaywalker Family Program we had four CeDAR alumni and one La Hacienda alum in attendance. The common theme among their family members was that our family program is a great follow-up from their previous experiences. It is very comforting to know that our family program in no way conflicts with what they’ve learned from our referent’s respective programs… we actually help reinforce what our families have learned from our referent’s programs. This month we focused on understanding and healing. Oyen referred several family program attendees to The Bridge to Recovery and/or On Site Workshops for additional work on their enabling and codependency. Four parents were in personal 12-step recovery; there were six fathers and seven mothers in attendance, making a very robust and well-informed group. We were hugging and laughing together at the culmination of this weekend…which is a measure of success!

May 2015 Family Program

Stanley & his dad - sober living

Once again, Family Program at Jaywalker Lodge went off swimmingly. There were more fathers than mothers which was conducive to our men healing within the father-son dynamic. Healing the father-son relationship, if only just a little…a little goes a long way toward a healthy and fulfilling recovery. Families bonded with other families, moms connected with other moms and fathers connected with other fathers. Men, successful fathers, hugging each other in love and support is a sight to behold for sure. Thanks to all who made yet another successful family program here at Jaywalker Lodge! Oyen Hoffman MA, LMFT, LAC, MAC Senior Counselor Jaywalker Lodge

Jaywalker Family Program

Men's Residential treatment for addiction

If the success of the Jaywalker family program was measured in how much Kleenex was used I would call this past family program a resounding success! This week we had about thirty participants in total hailing from coast to coast. We all squeezed into the library together and did some solid work together. The meals were exceptional, between Chef Brian’s cooking to Rocky’s cheese cakes, nobody went hungry. Our families bonded just like our men naturally do here at the Lodge or over at Solutions. By the end of the weekend they were hugging, crying, laughing, and sharing their contact information so they could keep in touch to support one another going forward. The “We” in recovery seemed to have significant meaning for our family members. Our family members raved about several parts to their weekend here. One area they raved about was our excellent volunteer speakers, Mr. Dirk Eldredge…

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