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The Light at the End of Suffering

The first guest speaker for Workshop Wednesdays in January 2013 at Jaywalker U was Peg O’Connor who engaged our men in a workshop on Philosophy and Addiction.  In addition to her visit to Jaywalker U, Peg has also traveled to Salvador, Brazil to be the keynote speaker at the Seventh International Symposium on Alcohol in November 2012.  In her spare time, Peg has been penning multiple articles (and adopting a new rescue dog).  Her most recent article, “The Light at the End of Suffering,” was published by the New York Times Opinionator Sunday night.  Her other published works in the New York Times include, “In the Cave: Philosophy and Addiction” and “The Fallacy of the Hijacked Brain.”  The Huffington Post has also been interested in Peg’s work; they published her article “Aristotle and Wittgenstein Walk into a Bar: Philosophy and Addiction” in October 2011.  Peg has also been spotted on…

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