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A New High: Mountain Biking Helps Endurance Racer Reclaim Life After Drug Abuse

Dave Krimstock, Jaywalker Expedition Assistant and Alumnus, was featured in Mountain Flyer Magazine this month. ┬áThe feature includes Dave’s experience, strength, and hope within his own recovery and accomplishment. ┬áThank you Dave for your leadership and commitment to helping other men discover themselves. http://www.mountainflyermagazine.com/view.php/a-new-high-mountain-biking-helps-endurance-racer-reclaim-life-after-drug-abuse.html

Riding to New Heights

Today men from both Jaywalker U and Solutions headed west to ride some of the amazing trails that Fruita has to offer. This was one of the first times riding for some of the guys and have the more experienced riders a chance to help each other out. Another perfect example of mountain biking saving lives. Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U