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The Solutions expedition to Moore, Oklahoma was a bittersweet yet extremely beneficial experience for our group and my recovery. We saw a true example of powerlessness the day after a tornado ravaged several houses, leaving unsuspecting victims homeless. We were fortunate enough to be there the day after the destruction to help clean-up the wreckage and serve those who were less fortunate. It was an eye-opening experience that reminded me how lucky I am to be a part of the sober community in the Roaring Fork Valley. Dylan M. Solutions Client

Moore, Oklahoma

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The random destruction of natural disasters has always been something intangible to me, a 2 minute news story to be consumed for small talk fodder. Even when I lived in NYC during Hurricane Sandy, my life was marginally inconvenienced at worst. I have lived a sheltered, self-centered life that I very nearly took from myself in active addiction. I viewed community service through that paradigm: a school or work mandated chore to be slogged through. Then I spent an evening in a walk-in fridge, in Moore Oklahoma while a tornado indiscriminately ravaged homes and took a life. My senses undulled, I was afraid in that moment, grateful to be safe, and then struck by the undeserved suffering those next two days. I won’t soon forget the families huddled together in destroyed homes or the throngs of volunteers that flooded the streets to help those in need. As our group wandered…

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Shelter from the Storm

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Solutions men found shelter in in the walk in refrigerator of a local restaurant, an F2 tornado passing a half mile to the west of our location. We were in Moore, Ok to aid in the ongoing reconstruction of this city from an F5 tornado that took the lives of 24 and devastated this community in May 2013. Déjà vu: Another twister to scar the psyche of this town. The local news spoke of resilience, perseverance, and of Moore “being prepared” for this. Perhaps so. Yet the faces in that walk in spoke of fear, anguish, and “NOT AGAIN!” Weeping children clinging to parental comfort, angry men enraged at Mother Nature’s cruel joke. These people had just emerged from catastrophe, only to taste it once again. There are storm shelters in nearly every yard here. 8’ by 8’ cement boxes buried underground where many found themselves as this storm passed….

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Serve Moore

“ I can’t believe people are still coming! 4 months after the storm and you’re still coming to help our town.” said a pastor as we sat eating lunch in the parking lot of his church.  It was evident to us that many more will be needed for months to come to aid this ravaged place.  It is always that way in these places of catastrophe, and it is always true that people will keep coming. It is a fellowship of giving in which the spirit of our humanity resides.  All are welcome.   Our tasks in Moore were building fences and hanging dry wall. Our witness was home after home either gone or shattered, looking as if cannon fire had been unleashed.  Our experience was humility as we were thanked repeatedly for being there.  Our reward was that same pastor pledging to do whatever he could to aid the victims…

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On the Road Again

The staff and men of Solutions are back on the road this Mon. traveling to Moore, Ok., sight of a devastating F5 tornado which hit the community on May 20th of this year.  There were 23 fatalities, 500 hospitalized, and over 2 billion dollars in damage as a result of these 30 minutes of hell.  But those are just statistics. CNN can give you those.  What we are privileged to experience when we travel to these sights of mayhem is the power of the human spirit in the raw. There is no stronger “fellowship” than in being a small part of a community banded together to rise from the scrapheap left at their feet.  It is the purpose of our being, the 12th step alive and in full throttle, the running the run. We as recovering addicts are sober today because we did NOT stay down when knocked down. We…

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