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Mission Wolf Expedition

As someone who works full time, is enrolled in school, and frequents the gym and meetings it is hard to find time off. So when I was given the opportunity to join some of the men at the Lodge on a service expedition I checked my calendar then cleared my schedule and jumped on the chance to detach for a few days and give back to a good cause. We learned about the legacy of Mission Wolf from its founder, Kent Weber, and about the phenomenal growth that has taken place there over the past 20 years. Kent brought us into the enclosures to meet the wolves face to face and one by one these giant animals, capable of snapping bones with their jaws, came up and licked our faces, happily receiving scratches behind the ears or on their bellies. For the next two days we were out in the…

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I belong here

I grew up in a very normal and loving family. I have always been cared for. I have never had a problem recognizing that I was an alcoholic and addict. I knew what came with the decision I made to use hard drugs, and in a sense I was proud of that decision. I wanted to be different and that was how I was going to achieve that. That decision led to me being “exiled” from my community. Around that same time I started to feel like I did not belong. Jaywalker helped me to feel welcome and that I was similar to every man and woman, no matter our differences in sobriety dates. However, internalizing this was a whole different story. This past weekend I had the chance to volunteer for the Lodge, and go to Mission: Wolf, which is a wolf sanctuary. I sat in the wolf pen…

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Mission Wolf Sanctuary

Ever stare into the eyes of a 120 lb. artic wolf, standing two inches from your face?  Ever climb a 650 ft. sand dune, urged on by your friends to keep going… when your legs are on fire? Our Solutions men experienced all this and more during our recent visit to the Mission Wolf sanctuary near Westcliffe, CO.  In return, we were able to provide service to the sanctuary by chopping firewood and constructing a fire bunker for the wolves to find shelter in case of a forest fire. Addiction shrinks the world of the addict to little more than a cell block cycle of self-centeredness and self-destruction. Our mission at Solutions is to blow down the walls of this crushing disease and give our clients a taste of possibilities. Those wolves have something to teach us.  When you hear 38 wolves howling in unison in the dark of a…

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