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Paging Dr. Krimstock

In the process of transforming lives in the Expedition component of Jaywalker, both clients and staff occasionally get bent, twisted and broken. We do everything possible to mitigate risk and protect every participant from injury but sometimes excrement happens. When it does, it’s important to have staff and volunteers with medical training to care for an injured client. Medical training and the ability to apply those skills to a patient in the field are paramount. As a caregiver you may have a soothing voice, be able to do a healing voodoo dance or burn some nasty incense, but if you don’t know how to stop bleeding or treat for shock the patient is not going to be impressed or even alive to watch your gyrations. Prior to being visited by Santa Claus this past December, Yukon Cornelius, aka Dave Krimstock participated in a Wilderness First Responder course in Boulder. A…

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Pushing the Limits

Gunnison - climbing adventure sober retreat

One of the unique aspects of being involved with the Jaywalker community is the opportunity to try new things and push your personal limits, both in self improvement and in a physical sense.  When Lynn told me that we were going to do a multi-pitch rock climb in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, I was both excited and terrified.  I knew that being upwards of 2000 feet above the river below would push my limits as a rock climber.  This was my first climb where we would be going this far off the ground, and I was apprehensive to say the least.  After repelling down several hundred feet into the canyon, we came to the face of the cliff we were about to climb.  The only way out of the canyon was up this face, so I had to put all my fears aside and trust Lynn and Taylor. …

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Congrats John on 6

Jaywalker’s Director of Outreach Services & Alumni Relations, John Schneier, celebrated 6 years of sobriety yesterday. “To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends – this is an experience you must not miss. We know you will not want to miss it.” Alcoholics Anonymous Pg 89 “You live this John. We love ya bud!” – Patrick Shaffer “Congratulations John. Your passion for recovery will continue to carry you to places you never could have imagined.” – Dirk Eldredge “John – congratulations! You’re a true inspiration for everyone here, in many ways.  Proud to call you not only my co-worker, but also my friend. Cram that!” – Natalyn Cumings “I let him beat me skinning up McClure Pass 5 years ago to boost his suffering self-esteem.  And look what we have now!”…

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Trail Work at Gold Butte

Yesterday five Jaywalker employees (Lynn Sanson, Natalyn Cumings, Donnie Hagenbart, Janet DeMars and myself) headed up valley on a small group outing. During the trip up, Lynn filled us in on the changes of ownership of the private land Gold Butte is on and how it came back to being an open trail. He also told us that about 95% of the trail work has been done by Jaywalker clients and staff. I think that’s pretty impressive. When we arrived we met Jade from Pitkin County Open Space and Bob from Ute Mountaineering. Jade showed us the tools we would be using for the day and we headed up the trail to our destination. Our work consisted of cutting into the rocky soil to put in rock walls, hauling heavy rocks for this purpose, and digging up the trail to make it more even. It was hard work and hot,…

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WCSAD 2014

Join us tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, May 31, at the West Coast Symposium for Addiction Disorders for a session with Jaywalker program directors Dan Reed and Lynn Sanson entitled, “Treatment Without Borders – Thinking Outside the Building and Outside the Box.”  This colorful presentation will provide tips and tactics for taking treatment “on the road.”  Dan and Lynn will share 18 years of combined Jaywalker on-the-job knowledge with conference attendees seeking to incorporate multi-day rec/adventures and/or cross-country service expeditions into their treatment programs.

Giving Life

All of us working at Jaywalker Lodge are given a unique gift every day; the opportunity to give the gift of life and hope to the clients in our community of recovery.  We work in an environment of brokenness, where lives and hearts are in chaos.  What do each of us do with that everyday opportunity?  I must confess that there are days when the last thing I feel like doing is caring for someone else.  Maybe I am the only one in that boat, but my guess is I’m not alone. The crazy thing about those days, the days I am so self-centered, tend to be the days when God places right in my face the greatest opportunity to encourage and bring hope into the life of a client or co-worker .  This concept of giving life and hope to others is pre-eminent in my mind today because, as…

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August 10, that will be 8 years as Expedition Director at Jaywalker Lodge.  That’s not bad for a guy who was ready to resign less than 5 hours into my first expedition.  I vividly remember walking up to my tent in the evening, conversing with God about what a gigantic mistake I had made taking this job, then contemplating  how I would break this prophetic news to my wife. Thankfully God is a transformational God, and resignation never took place.  You see God is in the business of taking what each of us has to offer and, if we are willing, transforming our lives in ways we could not imagine.  The past 8 years have been monumentally transformational for me and I am eternally grateful. End of blog post, no way, I am just getting started. Why such deep, introspective thoughts?  Simple, I spent last Thursday with 5 Lodge clients…

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Serenity Scramble

It’s that time of year again! Jaywalker Lodge is hosting the 6th Annual Jaywalker Lodge Serenity Scramble on Saturday, September 28, at River Valley Ranch Golf Club in Carbondale, CO.  All proceeds benefit two local non-profits: A Way Out and Valley Partnership for Drug Prevention.  The shotgun start will kick off at 8:30 AM sharp, followed by an awards luncheon with lunch, a raffle, lots of great prizes, and awards for 1st and 2nd place; longest drive; closest to pin; and best dressed team.   To register, or for more information, please visit www.jaywalkergolfopen.com, or contact Kortney Hartman at khartman@jaywalkerlodge.com, or (970) 704-9292.

Corn Fed and Sober ~ A Tribute to Dan Reed

Growing up in Iowa has its positives and negatives.  On the good side are friendly people, the highest literacy rate in the US, sweet corn, and the Iowa State Cyclones.  The negatives are August heat and humidity, cold gray winters and the Iowa Hawkeyes. There are two native Iowans on the Jaywalker staff; one roots for the good guys, me, and the other for the Hawks, Dan Reed.  However today I call a truce and will take this opportunity to say some good things about our resident Squawkeye! Almost 8 years ago Dan and his family packed up their covered wagon and moved west from Minnesota to begin their adventure in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Dan and Lois walked into Jaywalker in October of 2005 and Jaywalker Lodge began to transform into the quality program we know today. For me Dan was a constant champion of the expedition program.  As…

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Happy Birthday Steve

At Jaywalker Lodge we believe the first 24 hours of a clients stay are invaluable.  It is during that time that each client begins the process of putting down roots and establishing relationships that will last months and hopefully years into the future.  Rarely has a client been subjected to a more tumultuous first 24 hours than our own “Hot Yoga” Steve. Picture one part “Apocalypse Now” and one part “Lord of the Flies” set not in the jungle or on an island,  but rather in a semi-insane 16 hour van ride fading to a pitch black horse pasture campsite smack dab in the middle of one of the most poverty stricken locations in America.  Yeah that’s a good recipe for success right? Well, for Steve it was the perfect introduction to Jaywalker Lodge.   I mean if he could survive the ticks, Mooney running around shirtless, a dude eating…

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