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Brock B. – Alumni Blog

Overcoming Challenges – Xterra Race  By Brock B. I will start by saying that I never thought I would complete a triathlon.  In fact, before I moved to Carbondale, I had never even been on a mountain bike.  I remember during my intake at Jaywalker lodge, I expressed my concern about being able to keep up with the most basic fitness activities.  But I quickly fell in love with mountain biking.  I love being able to push myself to my physical limit on the uphill and then rip as fast as I can on the way back down.  Our Jaywalker alumni network has some of the best riders I have ever seen and they all push me to want to improve. I have been fortunate to work at a job that allows me to network with some of the most interesting people in the Roaring Fork Valley.  One of these…

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Live Well Colorado

Live Well is a state wide challenge to encourage community members to get moving and get well.  There are numerous communities across the state, 181 to be exact, who are part of the challenge to eat healthy and exercise at least 30 minutes daily for 30 days.  Carbondale finished in first place for Garfield County and state wide finished in 28th place.  Carbondale community members averaged 50 minutes daily. LiveWell Colorado “enhances the capacity of communities to effectively plan, implement, evaluate and sustain interventions specific to healthy eating and active living, provides technical assistance to each community and fosters sharing best practices among all the communities.” Nice work Carbondale! Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U