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The Sculpture has Landed

James Surls gave a loud “hoot” and tossed his cap into the air as the anxious crowd applauded the touchdown of the 20 foot sculpture onto the marble base where it will reside. There were dozens of onlookers, including those who have been working on Carbondale’s new traffic roundabout. The labor for bronze and steel sculpture “Sewing the Future” was donated by world renowned artist James Surls because of his love for Carbondale. Although, a Texas transplant, James raised his seven daughters in the Roaring Fork Valley and says he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. The $200,000 in funds needed for the materials, casting, and fabrication were raised through a community outreach effort which included the assistance of several of the Jaywalker men. We assisted in raising awareness at several public events through selling T-shirts and supplying information about the design elements of the sculpture. A plethora of outdoor…

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James Surls – “Man and Nature”

His thinking is that Art is something that should be shared, that it is a vehicle for creating community James Surls’ body of work has been termed as organic, primal, pure form, and unpolished beauty. I would describe it as boundless and surreal. I have had the opportunity to tour his studio in Missouri Heights just outside of Carbondale on a couple of occasions. Every opportunity I get to experience his magnificent sculptures and drawings I find myself awestruck. The sheer size, space, and form engage my senses to the core. Friday night was no different. The Roaring Fork Cultural Council hosted an evening in which Mr. Surls shared the story of the “Man and Nature” behind the genius artwork. James Surls is a world renowned artist with collections on display in the Smithsonian, the Guggenheim, and along Fifth Avenue in New York City. There is a palpable duality in…

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