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AA and the Angry Atheist

God should be qualified with the phrase ‘as we understand him’ – for that was the only way I could accept spirituality.” James Burwell, pg. 229 Alcoholics Anonymous James Burwell, know as Jimmy B. was one of the 10 East Coast founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. He was responsible for starting Alcoholics Anonymous in Philadelphia and Baltimore and later moved to San Diego and was instrumental in its growth there. Jimmy B. was also the unofficial archivist and put together a scrapbook of early AA history. His story, “The Vicious Cycle” now appears in the “Personal Stories” section of the Big Book of Acoholics Anonymous. After losing more than 40 jobs after his service in World War I, Jimmy B. was persuaded to move to New Jersey to get sober with the 10 men, including Bill Wilson, who has discovered a new way to stop drinking. The other men spent a…

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