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Happy 4 years Cary

Jaywalker would like to congratulate our own Cary Pew on four years of sobriety today.  Cary grew up in North Carolina or Michigan, depending on what sports team is playing at the moment. He enjoys skiing in the winter and mountain/road biking, golfing and fishing in the summer, which make for a great fit for the western slope of Colorado.  Cary has battled addiction for many years before checking himself into Jaywalker in 2009.  After graduating Jaywalker, Cary continued into Jaywalker’s sister program Solutions. Following recommendations, Cary moved to a local St Paul Sober House where he and I lived for six months until we found an apartment together in Carbondale.  After a period of volunteering around the lodge, Cary took a night-tech position with Jaywalker eventually working his way up to the day-tech job.  After about a year of employment at the lodge, Cary jumped at the opportunity to…

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Our “Kremer”

His has been a quiet presence of strength, wisdom, rationality within the recovery community here in the Roaring Fork Valley for at least twenty five years; good research would show it’s even longer if we take into account the beginning of his career in the Midwest.   I’m speaking of the man I often refer to as a kind of a recovery “Dr. Spock,” our own Jeff Kremer.  He is a humble man who’s spent his career helping those of us who have the illness of chemical dependency.   “Kremer,” as he has allowed me to address him for twenty plus years, would have been successful in any field but he chose “us.”  If you want to have an stimulating conversation, ask him about any of these topics:  the blues, jazz, politics, the stock market, Milton Erickson, mental health, addiction, James Joyce, existentialism, baseball, football,  or running.  You will soon discover you’re…

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