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41st Annual Winter Symposium

Special thanks to everyone that stopped by to see us at the 41st Annual Winter Symposium on Addictive Disorders in Colorado Springs. Founder and Director, Bob Ferguson, had a great presentation on, “The Serious Side of Making Friends and Having Fun!” We hope to see you all next year! Donnie Hagenbart Admissions & Marketing Manager Jaywalker Lodge

Congrats Lenny

Our very own Lenny Beaulieu celebrates 7 years of continuous sobriety even though he was, “never that bad.” Ha. Allow me to explain. I met Lenny when we were patients together on the Tiebout Unit at Hazelden in August of 2007. It was my third time there. I was that bad. However, after about a week on the unit a nice guy with a great smile showed up and told us all that he was here, yes, but just for a quick assessment. He wasn’t that bad! Well, the assessment said differently and Lenny was forced to reconcile his concept of unmanageability with the clear diagnosis of “very bad” which he received from Hazelden Clinical Staff. Luckily, for all involved, Lenny is a teachable man. He went on to resolve that cognitive dissonance to great success! He completed treatment, went to IOP here at Jaywalker, got involved in the recovery…

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Leadville Silver Rush 50 Miler

Congratulations to the 5 Jaywalker Lodge Alums and 2 Friends of Jaywalker Lodge that completed the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike race this last weekend! Alums: Dave K: 8th place @ 4 hours and 9 minutes Greg P: 27th place @ 4 hours and 31 minutes Evan S: 146th place @ 5 hours and 22 minutes Bob M: 262nd place @ 5 hours and 57 minutes Chris B: 503rd place @ 7 hours and 20 minutes Friends of Jaywalker Lodge: Eric F: 376th place @ 6 hours and 32 minutes Richard S: 541st @ 7 hours and 20 minutes Nice work men. We look forward to see how you do in the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Friends of Jaywalker Lodge

As they call it in the rooms, I am a newcomer.  I have been recently introduced into recovery when I went to rehabilitation center just over three months ago.  Treatment was only a foundation for me; a small beginning to what I feel now is an endless journey of soul searching and taking an honest look in the mirror.  I was graced by God’s insurmountable presence during a Saturday dinner/speaker meeting at treatment. After the meeting I introduced myself to the speaker and through conversation he told me about a man who is in recovery, lives in my home town and does sponsorship work; he told me to call him as soon as possible.  I did so when I left treatment and met my current sponsor the day after returning home.  This man has been a God sent.  His experience, strength and hope have been testament to God’s will and…

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