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The Value of Suffering

This past weekend the Jaywalker U students had the opportunity to travel to Ouray, Colorado, home of some of the best ice climbing in the world. Every semester the Jaywalker U students work with A local life coach and total bad-ass, Johann Aberger. Each expedition with Johann is specifically designed to help students develop their own purpose and meaning in life. The focus of this expedition was the value of suffering. What is the value of suffering and what can we create through facing the dark side? In order to create meaningful change, we must be willing to be uncomfortable and face fear. Ice climbing is quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable and terrifying “recreational” experiences we could have; a perfect metaphor for how to navigate the shadow. For most of us, ice climbing was a sport reserved for only the most experienced of climbers and thus, beyond our…

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Snowy Moab

As a group, Jaywalker Lodge took yet another amazing four day expedition to Moab, UT. Although the weather closely resembled that of the arctic with freezing temperatures, the guys were able to hike some amazing trails and see some of the most famous land marks Utah has to offer. Among the trails, “Poison Spider” and others near the Wilson Arch were ventured upon. As a group, no matter what the weather or temperature may be, Jaywalker Lodge and it’s clients seem to find themselves at home in the outdoors where true “intimacy among men” is formed. This expedition displayed yet again  that when we are together sober, we find fun and friendship wherever we go. 

Mission Wolf Expedition

As someone who works full time, is enrolled in school, and frequents the gym and meetings it is hard to find time off. So when I was given the opportunity to join some of the men at the Lodge on a service expedition I checked my calendar then cleared my schedule and jumped on the chance to detach for a few days and give back to a good cause. We learned about the legacy of Mission Wolf from its founder, Kent Weber, and about the phenomenal growth that has taken place there over the past 20 years. Kent brought us into the enclosures to meet the wolves face to face and one by one these giant animals, capable of snapping bones with their jaws, came up and licked our faces, happily receiving scratches behind the ears or on their bellies. For the next two days we were out in the…

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Twin Lakes, Colorado

This week Jaywalker Lodge clients are on expedition visiting Twin Lakes, Colorado.  This is the first 3 night camping trip that Jaywalker has done this year.  Our men will participate in activities of their choice including white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, and of course some swimming in the lakes.   Our men will share experiences around campfires that have brought them to Jaywalker, while forging friendships in recovery.