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Flood Relief

                              FLOODWATER’S Debris field nightmares are not a soul to sleep It is the waking hours that hurt the most Once upon a time left in the rear-view, The clear view of dreams washed away Teetering on the river bank, soon to be submerged Loading memories one piece at a time The roadside refuse piles high, waiting for the claw To haul away the better days of hindsight An end somewhere on the horizon In a fog lift dawn, the rifted road is passable Leading us back to Solution The way in is the way out On the back roads of beaten path strangers Needing friendship, giving kinship in a handshake blessing In a common confessing, of needing help To stand again when staggered WE can recover, floodwater’s be damned For more pictures of Jaywalker Solutions latest service trip assisting in the flood relief in Estes Park Colorado, please click…

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