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Kim Nuzzo Celebrates 28 Years

Kim and I met in November of 1991 in Aspen. We had both been hired by the Aspen Counseling Center. We shared an office together for fifteen years. We worked as co-therapists in an IOP program. We both loved our work and our new home- Aspen.  A unique close bond grew over the years. In addition to the hours we spent at work, we spent time together hiking,skiing,golfing, etc.. Our families grew close and my wife called Kim my second wife. We got so close that we both developed coronary artery problems at the same time. As you can imagine, our director thought our professional work ethic was outstanding.  His enthusiasm about the IOP program was limitless. You can ask him, his name is Jeff Kremer. Kim always tells me that he learned all his therapeutic skills from working with me. He’s prone to exaggeration – it was only about 90%. I never would have made the…

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