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New Jaywalker Website & Video

We have launched our new website! Jaywalker Lodge inspires men in early recovery to engage in an authentic journey of healing and self-discovery built upon personal accountability, deep and lasting friendships, and the belief that absolutely anything is possible in sobriety! We invite you to take a closer look at the Jaywalker experience and our Carbondale, CO community. Click here for our new video!

Bobby Celebrates 24

Happy 24th Birthday to our Founder and friend, Bobby Ferguson! Bobby has inspired us all through his visionary approach to life in sobriety. He is a fantastic husband to his beautiful bride, Andi, and father to his two overachieving and,” oh so kind children, Harry and Calli!” Your amazing family and the creation of Jaywalker Lodge would not have been possible, if not for your 24 years of passionate commitment to the program of AA! Bobby’s recovery is truly a great example of the fact that, “recovery is a promise of your future, not a consequence of your past.” All of us at Jaywalker Lodge thank you for your passionate commitment to the fact that all things are possible for each of us in recovery. Your vision and commitment to create and build Jaywalker Lodge into one of the finest providers of care in the country, is something each of…

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Stacy Celebrates 12

12 years of sobriety for Stacy Lee, that’s as she noted 4,380 days of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Stacy Lee is a fantastic Mother, wife and Friend. Her journey has led her to a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and a solid foundation in the community of AA. She actually did not shed a tear this weekend through UCLA’s loss to the Trojan Nation as she carries degrees from both universities. What’s most amazing about Stacy Lee is that she represents peace and safety to so many. She is a healer and the safest of containers for so many who are suffering. We here at Jaywalker our both proud of her as a provider of care but mostly as a safe place for our guys to go to find their spiritual path. Great job Stacy Lee! We are proud of you and thankful for the love & Light you bring into each…

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Alex Cable Celebrates 3 Years

alex cable at superbowl sober

Rarely have we seen a person fail when he thoroughly follows our path. 3 Years ago Alex Cable was struggling to finish a complete sentence. Seriously, Alex has come a long long way! Alex has become a respectful young man in recovery with unlimited potential. Unlike the Patriot’s, Alex has not cheated with short cuts and flat balls. Alex has faced his disease head on and the results are just Awesome! Keep it going kid and Go Hawks! Dirk Eldredge CEO Jaywalker Lodge

Harmony Golf Tournament

Harmony Sober Golfing event

It would take a special team to win the Howard Clark Award at the Harmony Golf Outing on Monday June 29th, and the Jaywalker participants, Dirk Eldredge, John Schneier, Pat Shaffer and Jim Soda were up to that challenge.  Granted, the trophy was for most average score at the Lake Valley Golf Club, however it was the biggest trophy by far.  There were 40 footers being drained by Dirk, precision fairway placement by Soda, stellar short game from Shaffer and of course, the booming drives of Schneier.  All in all a complete success.  Maybe next year a little more strategy to win the thing, as long as we don’t sacrifice the fun.

Here’s to another 10 years

Dirk Eldredge addiction team and support

Jaywalker is pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Eldredge as our new Chief Executive Officer. For the last 6 months Dirk has supervised the marketing, admissions and alumni functions. In his new role as CEO, Dirk will also oversee all aspects of administrative, clinical and financial operations here at Jaywalker. Our Founder, Bob Ferguson, is excited to have appointed Dirk in his new role. Bob will continue to be a part of Jaywalker and will be focusing on treatment industry best practices. Bob’s vision and leadership over the last 10 years made Jaywalker what it is today and Dirk will continue to model Bob’s vision. Bob has many aspirations and plans moving forward, it will be fun to watch! Congratulations Dirk and here’s to another 10 years!

Dirk Turns 12

Dirk - sober living

The man…The myth…The legend, Dr. Dirk Eldredge Esquire, is celebrating 12 years of sobriety today! Dirk came to Jaywalker with decades of experience from the cut throat corporate world of IBM, the delicate theater of guiding families through heart wrenching interventions with their loved ones, and life coaching for NFL players. As Jaywalkers Chief Recovery Officer, Dirk is part of the Directors team and oversees the marketing, admissions, and alumni departments. As members of the Wolfpack (Donnie, Ben, Pat, and John) we all not only appreciate Dirk’s business sense and leadership, we are also so grateful for the vested interest he has shown in our lives and that we remain mentally, spiritually, and physically fit. We love you Dirk and Happy Birthday we look forward to continuing this walk together! P.S. John’s your boss The Wolfpack

Rocky Turns 10

Happy 10th Birthday Rocky!! Rocky, though you like to fly under the lights of recognition, we must congratulate you! What you mean to Jaywalker Lodge can not be put into words, you are the very fabric that binds us together. Please take a moment Rocky and reflect on all that you bring to this world each and every day. We Love You and want to all collectively give you a Birthday Hug! Dirk

Half way to 46

We wanted to pause on this day to applaud our founder & friend Bobby Ferguson for 23 years of sobriety! Pretty cool when a kid from NYC can find not only himself but find it in his heart to help countless others. We are all thankful that Bobby relocated to the Rocky Mountains & executed on his vision of having fun in sobriety by creating Jaywalker Lodge. We at Jaywalker think Bobby’s spirit, passion & focus as a pioneer in the industry of recovery sets him in a special place. At the same time we know what is most meaningful is the kind of father & husband Bobby is to his amazing children & his Bride Andi. We all just want to sit in gratitude on this special day and say, “Thank You.”   It’s funny, Bobby is the only man I know that can harness the respect of all…

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41st Annual Advanced International Winter Symposium

Jaywalker Lodge invites you to join us at the 41st Annual Advanced International Winter Symposium on January 25-28th in Colorado Springs. Founder and Director, Bob Ferguson, will be presenting on, “The Serious Side of Making Friends and having fun!” on Tuesday from 3:30-5:00pm. We are also excited to announce the addition of Dr. Alan Nelson, MD as our new Medical Director at Jaywalker Lodge. Make sure to join us for lunch in the Hospitality Suite on Tuesday from 12:00-3:00pm to meet Dr. Nelson.

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