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Synchronicity and Sacred Space

Through storytelling and dance, Synchronicity & the Sacred Space probes the strange landscape where scientific thought encounters the unknown, and human perception and reality are fluid partners in an enigmatic dance. I received a phone call last week from my good friend, Rita requesting some volunteer help to set up for a Dance event to be held Sunday night at Roaring Fork HS. I coordinated with Fran of Aspen Dance Connection to schedule our work time Sunday morning. Initially, I balked at giving up my normal Sunday morning Spiritual fellowship but decided that sometimes it’s a good idea to change up our routines. Myself, two Alumni, and two Jaywalker Lodge clients arrived at the High School to begin our “stage crew” work. At this point, I wasn’t quite sure what type of dance event it was and quickly became more confused as we begin the set-up and the event format…

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Winter Solstice Celebration

On this darkest day we celebrate the return of the light!” Carbondale celebrated the longest night of the year in grand style at the Third street center Saturday Night. The Two Rivers Unitarian Univeralist congregation along Davi Nikent “Always Light”, Center for Human Flourishing organized the annual Community Winter Solstice Celebration. The festivities began indoors with Music, lighting of the Yule Log, and brief history of the “stationary sun” and it’s cultural significance. After paying tribute to the four directions, four elements, and the spirit animals they represent, we headed outdoors to toss our wreath of wishes into the huge bonfire. Then, the 100 strong crowd joined hands and began a spiral dance to pounding drum beats to welcome back the impending light. Finally we returned indoors to enjoy treats, hot cider, and fellowship. The meaning of the Solstice celebration has varied from culture to culture, but many see it…

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A Conversation on Addiction with the Dalai Lama

Third Street Center Film Night presents a conversation on Craving, Desire, and Addiction with his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Nora Volkow, MD, Director-National Institute on Drug Abuse. The conference focuses its attention on craving, desire, and addiction, as these are among the most pressing causes of human suffering. By bringing contemplative practitioners and scholars from Buddhist and Christian traditions together with a broad array of scientific researchers in the fields of desire and addiction, hopefully new understandings will arise that may ultimately lead to improved treatment of the root causes of craving and its many manifestations.The latest neuroscience of addiction is discussed as well as the growing understanding of mindfulness practice and other brain training programs as intervention in addiction. We will be taking a group of men from Jaywalker to participate in this streaming event at the Third Street Center. The event begins at 7 PM tonight,…

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