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Dave S Celebrates 9 years

What do you get when you take an opiate addicted marine, in 2007, and tell him life is waiting for him out in the Rocky Mountains of Western CO? You get a sober marine celebrating 9 years in 2016! Our very own Dave Santini celebrates his sobriety birthday on the 14th. He is an amazing example of selflessness, perseverance (ran a 50 mile trail race on minimal training this year by the way), and commitment to helping others in the way he was once helped himself upon his arrival to Jaywalker Lodge. Dave is my brother and I’m extremely proud and happy to say, “congrats you banana head!” Brendon Kerton, M.A. Landing Program Supervisor Jaywalker Lodge

Congrats Dave

This past Saturday my friend and colleague Dave Santini celebrated 8 years of continuous sobriety.  Dave and I first met when I checked into treatment at Hazelden in February of 2007.  I was on my way in and he was on his way out.  He told me he was going to a place called Jaywalker Lodge.  I slurred something back.  Little did I know that our paths would cross again some 6 months later when I made my way to Carbondale. From 2007 until now Dave has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  He has emerged from addiction into a life of recovery.  A life in recovery, as all of us know, is not always smooth sailing but the ability to persevere in the face of difficulty is one of the hallmarks of someone who has learned to live well.  Dave has continued to do just that….

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Congrats Brendon

I vividly remember the first time I had ever had the pleasure of meeting Brendon, or what I would consider a quasi-form of him at the time. It was on the Medical/Detox Unit of Hazelden in Center City, MN. I had just finished 30 days of primary treatment on the Silkworth Unit and had to go through my discharge schema, which included picking up a myriad of prescriptions that I had acquired over my time at Hazelden. While waiting for the pleasant nurses to put together my Zip-Loc bag filled with my magic placebos, I decided I would smoke my 5th cigarette of the day by 8 AM. While attempting to spread my vast knowledge of recovery to the Librium infused detox patients on Ignatia, Brendon being one of them, I heard a loud obnoxious man call out to me “Hey, where ya from?”, although it was loud and obnoxious,…

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