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Dr. Craig Farnum

Craig and wife sober living

The entire Jaywalker community would like to congratulate Craig Farnum, College Counselor at Colorado Mountain College, for his newest achievement.  We can now officially address him as Dr. Craig Farnum.  On 4/15/2105 Craig defended his dissertation and was officially awarded a doctoral degree as a Counselor Educator.  Craig’s dissertation demonstrated that using the Leader/Detractor Scale in education would improve a student’s learning and behavior.  His survey and findings proved the success of this instrument.  This Leader/Detractor Scale (L/D Scale) is used for collegiate athletes at St. Michael’s College in Vermont and for all classes taught by Craig’s mentor, Dave Landers, PhD.  Dave, author of I Wish He Had Taught Me To Shave, has been a fan of both Craig and the Jaywalker community for many years.  The L/D scale is used for students, employees, and clients to identify themselves as Leaders, Contributors, Participants, Observers or Detractors. In addition to writing…

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Masculinity and Men

Dave Landers, the author of I Wish He’d Taught Me How to Shave, has a very special place in the hearts of Jaywalkers.  Dave has made the trip from Burlington,Vermont, to Colorado twice over the last year to guide our men to question and challenge the concept of masculinity.  He asked Jaywalkers if they wanted to be fathers.  Most answered with a resounding, YES.  Then he asked them why.  Silence reigned; they weren’t sure. Lander’s book includes chapters called:  “Fathers and Tears,” “Fathers and Alcohol,” and “Wonderful Fathers.” Dave has been teaching a class at St. Michael’s called Men and Masculinity;  each semester, during the last eight years, he asked students to write essays about what they learned about men and masculinity from their fathers.  The compilation of these essays morphed into Lander’s first book. Being honest about our fathers and letting them be human is sometimes difficult.  It took…

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What is Masculinity?

Dave Landers from St. Michael’s University in Vermont and Steve Rissman from Metro State in Denver helped Jaywalkers understand how masculinity is socially constructed and they discussed the myriad ways it can impede, facilitate or destroy a man’s recovery.  On Tuesday, July 30, the men from the Lodge, Solutions, and Jaywalker U worked together in large and small groups to answer some poignant questions such as (1) how did you develop your definition of a man? (2) what emotions are considered normal for men and what emotions are less socially accepted? (3) how do you want to show up as a man today?  In the future? Dave’s new book, I Wish He’d Taught Me to Shave, will be released sometime this August, and will explore the ways that men and women learn about masculinity. Jaywalkers are incredibly astute men.  They were engaging in the large group and the small groups. …

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What is a man?

This week Dave Landers (pictured left), Ph. D. in educational counseling, brought a workshop to the men of Jaywalker on how their fathers influenced their view of what a man is and how we would like our future children to view us. Through recovery many of us have learned that sometimes our thinking can be wrong, and this was exactly what this workshop was about. Growing up, whether we liked it or not, we were directly influenced by our fathers. This was not a workshop to blame our fathers, or men for that matter, but more of a workshop to show us where a lot of our thinking came from. Like me, a lot of the men grew up thinking that a man should never show certain emotions, should have all the answers, and be able to fix anything. While this is sometimes what society shows us, that doesn’t always make it…

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