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It Makes a Difference

“It makes a difference to this one,” said the young man as he returned a beached starfish to the sea.  We of Solutions made a small difference as well after spending 5 days in the La Sal Mountains working with the Grand Canyon Trust to preserve wilderness environments.  A wetland fouled by free range cattle, an old growth Aspen stand compromised by grazing and man’s lack of understanding, both in need of our help.  If recovery is about returning to our true nature, than the path we and the planet on which we walk have common ground. What better way to experience it than to immerse oneself in the common quest of healing? Our efforts in the grand scheme may appear miniscule, but when we make a difference to just one, we claim our place on this planet.    Peace! For more pictures of the trip please click on the picture…

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WCSAD 2014

Join us tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, May 31, at the West Coast Symposium for Addiction Disorders for a session with Jaywalker program directors Dan Reed and Lynn Sanson entitled, “Treatment Without Borders – Thinking Outside the Building and Outside the Box.”  This colorful presentation will provide tips and tactics for taking treatment “on the road.”  Dan and Lynn will share 18 years of combined Jaywalker on-the-job knowledge with conference attendees seeking to incorporate multi-day rec/adventures and/or cross-country service expeditions into their treatment programs.

May We Never Forget

The men of Solutions aided the Town of Carbondale in planting 8 Memorial trees at the Third Street Center Sat. morning.  The tree pictured is a Snow Crabapple and was donated by Jaywalker in memoriam to those who have lost their battle with the disease of addiction.  In the 9 years I have been working here, we have lost a number of our brethren.   Those men live today in our consciousness, ever reminding us of how fortunate we are to have captured the magic of sobriety so elusive to so many.  May we never forget.  “No addict/alcoholic dies in vain”.  Believe it, for their legacy lives in all of us.  Carpe Diem! Dan Reed Program Director Jaywalker Solutions

Flood Relief

                              FLOODWATER’S Debris field nightmares are not a soul to sleep It is the waking hours that hurt the most Once upon a time left in the rear-view, The clear view of dreams washed away Teetering on the river bank, soon to be submerged Loading memories one piece at a time The roadside refuse piles high, waiting for the claw To haul away the better days of hindsight An end somewhere on the horizon In a fog lift dawn, the rifted road is passable Leading us back to Solution The way in is the way out On the back roads of beaten path strangers Needing friendship, giving kinship in a handshake blessing In a common confessing, of needing help To stand again when staggered WE can recover, floodwater’s be damned For more pictures of Jaywalker Solutions latest service trip assisting in the flood relief in Estes Park Colorado, please click…

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New Orleans 2014

A mouth full of gold, jailhouse tats, and a broken story from a mended man.  Bobby G. shared his climb from the bowels of Angola to the horizon of his possibilities.  His addict menace had broken him down to a shell of a man.  8 years of cell block endurance, 2 of those in solitary. He had wept in anguish, feeling written off by all he had known. He arose to reclaim his soul in the rooms of recovery, finding a meeting the day of his release. He is now free, he is now humble, he will never forget. NOLA too has wept in anguish, 8+ years ago gutted by Katrina.  There were suggestions at the time that this city also be written off, abandoned, left for dead. Too much damage, too much money, too monumental a task to bring her back. Those suggestions have been proven preposterous, for the…

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The Genuine Article

“He’s probably the smartest guy working at Jaywalker,” said a colleague the other day as we sat having lunch.  I have to say I couldn’t disagree.  He was referring to our resident Bayou Bengal, our own Doctor in waiting, Mr. Art Kleinschmidt.   Art celebrated 12 years in recovery on Sunday.  His journey the last 12 years has been diverse and robust.  Working with gang bangers in the Twin Cities, high risk youth in Garfield County, and of course our Jaywalker clan.  His “Stepping Stone” workbook is one of the best recovery manuals on the market.  He wrote it while simultaneously working on his PHD.   Anyone else written a book lately?   He and his wife Katie have recently taken on parenting responsibilities for Art’s teenage niece, who came from a difficult living situation in New Orleans.  He was needed, he was there.  Art walks, talks and lives the 12 Steps.  What…

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Bucket List

Hot pepper winds baked in the radiance of ancient lava flows, in your face reminding you of where you are. This is the Kona highway, the Iron-man road. These were bucket list miles for me.  I’ve wanted to ride them for years after witnessing the Iron-man Triathlon on Wide World of Sports. Checked them off last week.  I have found over the years that bucket list adventures are not for those on the way out but rather for those on the way up. They are sometimes unplanned, slapping you in the face and saying “What are you waiting for?”  There are others which are long held desires sitting somewhere on the horizon.  We all have these, hear them beckoning.  For me, recovery means we need to heed the call of these inner voices which seek to challenge us and  rip apart our comfort zones.  Skydiving over Moab arches and Wisconsin…

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Army Veteran , Jaywalker Alumnus

…coupled with the wonderful staff and program of Jaywalker in Carbondale,it changed my entire life. When you read this I will have 23 months of sobriety.” Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day and honor the dedication, sacrifice, and service of the men and women who have served in our countries Armed Forces, it is my honor to share a story of hope and recovery as exemplified by one of Jaywalker’s finest! Ryan Lanham was active in the U.S. Army from 2007 until 2009. He joined the Army infantry at the ripe old age of 27 in hopes of restoring some sanity to his life and conquering his addiction problems. Ryan had made several attempts at college but was unsuccessful. He hoped the Army could provide the discipline and a new outlook on life that he desperately needed. Ryan feels his decision to join the Army saved his life and the…

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Entitlement Section

Men at Jaywalker Lodge are motivated in their recovery; and engage on a daily basis with their peers to create and maintain an active, caring community of sober people. The program combines a rigorous clinical curriculum with a variety of mountain-based activities. On a weekly basis the men are required to present sections, or assignments, to their counselors and peers. Sections are in-depth questions about the consequences and unmanageability of one’s addiction. Men are encouraged to come up with emotionally honest responses as opposed to detached fact based responses. Dan Reed, Jaywalker Solutions Director, developed a new system here at Jaywalker where men will answer questions on the role entitlement has played in perpetuating their addiction: How has money, position, or family buffered you from experiencing the severe consequences of your disease? Has an attitude of “better than” played a part in your not engaging the humility required to work a…

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Lyons On The Brink

When’s the last time someone shared with you that you had been the answer to their prayers?  Can there be a more humbling observation than that? We as addicts were more accustomed to being the subject of prayers, said mostly by our loved ones pleading with God for our very survivals. Lyons, Colorado is in need of many answers right now.  They are not alone as there are many similar communities in our state who are in need. Solutions spent 4 days in Lyons in cooperation with NECHAMA, a Jewish relief organization, aiding flood ravaged victims who had few resources and homes buried in feet of mud. We dug and we dug and we dug some more. We tore out rotting dry wall and ripped up floors that had turned to sponges. We hauled piles of debris to the curb to be discarded but never forgotten.  We broke bread with…

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