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Jaywalker Composting

A few months ago, alum Joe T and I embarked on an organic journey to line up our values with our actions and establish some sustainable behaviors at Jaywalker Lodge through the process of composting. Composting is a natural process where organic material, such as vegetable scraps, other food waste, and manure decompose and are used as fertilizer and nutrient enrichment for soil. We have been primarily focusing on composting vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, eggshells, and coffee grounds collected in the Jaywalker kitchen with the help of Chef Brian. The result we are hoping for is a organic mixture of┬ácompost to assist in the process of growing vegetables in the Jaywalker garden. Some of the Jaywalker food waste has also been distributed throughout the local community to feed chicken, pigs, and other farm animals as a healthy alternative to grain. So far Joe and I are very pleased with the…

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