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Road Tripping – Texas Hunt

Before sobriety I was passionate about one thing, my next drink or drug. Life did not exist outside of the microcosm that was my addiction. Today, at one month shy of nine years my life is a myriad of amazing adventures. Because I am sober I got to drive to Texas with five Jaywalker alums and bow hunt white tail deer. Sunrise and sunset is consumed with hunting but the hours in between is full of laughing and fellowship. I am forever grateful for the gifts of sobriety and the life I have been given. John Schneier

Jaywalker Hut Life #2

“Life will take on new meaning. To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends—this is an experience you must not miss. We know you will not want to miss it. Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives.” Page 89, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous   When we are in the throes of our disease we strive for community, for a sense of belonging. At Jaywalker Lodge I have the privilege of introducing our clients to the community of successful alums that populate the Roaring Fork Valley. Through outdoor adventure, long drives, campfires and snow caves one begins to see the host of friends growing up about them, it is truly an experience not to be missed.John S

English in Action

Today the Jaywalker U students and Solutions Men got together to finish painting the English in Action house in El Jebel, CO. English in Action is a non-profit organization that provides help for adults that wish to improve their English language.  With over 15 helping hands we were able to finish today. Nice work guys! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Synchronicity and Sacred Space

Through storytelling and dance, Synchronicity & the Sacred Space probes the strange landscape where scientific thought encounters the unknown, and human perception and reality are fluid partners in an enigmatic dance. I received a phone call last week from my good friend, Rita requesting some volunteer help to set up for a Dance event to be held Sunday night at Roaring Fork HS. I coordinated with Fran of Aspen Dance Connection to schedule our work time Sunday morning. Initially, I balked at giving up my normal Sunday morning Spiritual fellowship but decided that sometimes it’s a good idea to change up our routines. Myself, two Alumni, and two Jaywalker Lodge clients arrived at the High School to begin our “stage crew” work. At this point, I wasn’t quite sure what type of dance event it was and quickly became more confused as we begin the set-up and the event format…

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Beginning 2014 Mindfully

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally, as if your life depended on it.” John Kabat-Zinn As an alcoholic and an addict I have to agree with John Kabat-Zinn. When it comes to the practice of mindfulness I am certain, my very life does depend upon it. Just like working the Steps and practicing the principles of Recovery in all my affairs I must strive to practice Mindfulness in everything I do, not just while meditating or praying but in all my activities. By staying Mindful, in the present moment, I can see things as they really are, not clouded by the judgement and fear of my alcoholic mind. This past weekend a couple of Jaywalker alumni and myself had the opportunity to participate in the Mindful Life Program. We joined 20 others in being part of the inagural Mindful Life Program held at the Third…

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Winter Solstice Celebration

On this darkest day we celebrate the return of the light!” Carbondale celebrated the longest night of the year in grand style at the Third street center Saturday Night. The Two Rivers Unitarian Univeralist congregation along Davi Nikent “Always Light”, Center for Human Flourishing organized the annual Community Winter Solstice Celebration. The festivities began indoors with Music, lighting of the Yule Log, and brief history of the “stationary sun” and it’s cultural significance. After paying tribute to the four directions, four elements, and the spirit animals they represent, we headed outdoors to toss our wreath of wishes into the huge bonfire. Then, the 100 strong crowd joined hands and began a spiral dance to pounding drum beats to welcome back the impending light. Finally we returned indoors to enjoy treats, hot cider, and fellowship. The meaning of the Solstice celebration has varied from culture to culture, but many see it…

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New York Magazine features Carbondale

Award-Winning public-art programs, inventive local cuisine, and a burgeoning sustainable design scene are bringing a contemporary edge to this former mining town just 30 miles down valley from Aspen.” Nicholas DeRenzo, New York Magazine Our fair city has once again been recognized in a national publication. Carbondale is featured in the online Travel section of New York Magazine. Writer, Nicholas DeRenzo shares about the best of Carbondale, where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Carbondale’s bustling art scene is prominently featured, as well as the Third Street Center and PAC 3. About the only thing missing from this well researched article is the mention of Jaywalker Lodge and the second-to-none Recovery community we are blessed with. To view the article in it’s entirety please visit: Explore Art and Craftsmanship in Carbondale, Colorado. With Gratitude, Mark Kloster Alumni Coordinator

Alumni Ski Trip – Park City, UT

The Jaywalker Alumni Department is pleased to announce the scheduling of the Winter Alumni Expedition. This years trip will be to Park City, Utah. Thanks to the generosity of one of our alumni families, we have a slope side condo for a week from January 17 through January 24. We will be splitting the week between two groups of 8 alumni at the Marriott Mountainside resort. In addition to the world class skiing and snowboarding, the famous Sundance film festival will be happening as well. It’s a good possibility I’ll ditch day on the mountain and try to score some movie tickets. The two annual Alumni expeditions are just a couple of the activities we offer our Alumni. We fielded two softball teams this past summer and the Jaywalker Hockey and Basketball teams are in full swing. We have also had an exceptional group of golfers who made a great…

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“Big Mac” Mike celebrates 5 years

Jaywalker would like to congratulate Mike Moreland on reaching a huge sobriety milestone today,as he celebrates 5 years in recovery. Mike currently serves as the Jaywalker Lodge Residential Manager. He is a certified Level II Addictions counselor and is working on a Psychology degree. Before stepping into his current role Mike worked as a night tech and then as a day tech supervisor at the Lodge. Mike came to Jaywalker Lodge on December 1, 2009 after battling drug and alcohol addiction for 10 years. I had the pleasure of going through the Solutions Program with Mike in the spring of 2009. My first impression of Mike was that he was a “serious man”, serious about his recovery and equally serious about his spirituality. He was a leader among our peer group and positively influenced many men, including myself. After our graduation from Solutions, Mike, John S., and myself rented a…

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Third Street Center State Fair

Follow us to the Third Street Center an see what the hubbub is all about…The fall fair is open to everyone.” Kat Rich volunteer event coordinator The Third Street Center here in Carbondale was bustling with activity Friday evening. This was the inaugural “State Fair” event which featured a carnival atmosphere with performances by local artists and musicians, games, food, and fun for kids and adults alike. I had the opportunity to play Eco-jeopardy, hear some great music, and install a leaf on the Gratitude Tree. There was a chili cook-off (I’ll have a vegan entry next year), a Cake Walk with our very own Rocky’s famous Death by Chocolate cake and ample quantities of State Fair food and snacks. The TSC ,Third Street Center is a community place that promotes inspiration, sustainability, and creative exchange. This event was a “Friend – Raiser” to show its gratitude for the community’s…

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