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Solutions Expedition: Pine Ridge, South Dakota

The Solutions expedition to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota was a complete success! Nico, Wesley, and I, were the staff members for the trip and we had a group of 8 fantastic clients. Each and every client had extremely positive attitudes and participated fully with all of the projects and general work that was done throughout the week. This was my third trip to Pine Ridge (second as a staff member) and this was by far the best group of guys that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. Everyone was very receptive to the entire process of being there, serving, and learning about the culture and history of the natives. There were two college groups, a group of eighth grade students from Boulder, a group from Americorps, and a few other individuals who were all staying at Re-member with us and working with us…

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Bryce Celebrates 1 Year

I met Bryce last year when I was in the transition from night tech to weekend day tech.  I was a bit nervous and out of touch with life.  I remember Bryce coming into to the tech office full of life and energy.  He has a wonderful outgoing personality and he helped me with my introduction back into communication with the client population.  I was stuck in this fearful shell from working overnights and Bryce was my out!  There was one evening in particular where Bryce taught us how to “Whip it & nay nay,” and it was the first time I was able to get out of that shell and enjoy being free!   He showed me how to feel comfortable with who I am and that it is ok to be me.  God places people in our lives to help us with our personal journey in recovery.  Bryce may…

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Chutes, Steaks, and Sobriety

Last week a few lucky employees and IOP Clients went to Moab for the first expedition of the year. Lenny B also celebrated his 64th birthday with a dinner out at the Sunset Grill, and his 7th jump. Lenny has helped so many men to achieve lasting sobriety and celebrating him with the current IOP clients was memorable. The focal point of any IOP expedition is golf, hiking, and skydiving. The guys had a beautiful sunny day to “enjoy” the view from high above Moab. Stanley, Dave, and myself are all IOP grads. The opportunity to spend a few days with the guys was a great way to give back and share our experience with them. Thank you Lenny for all you do, Peyton Ward Alumni Coordinator