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100% Employment

We have a 100% employment rate for the first time ever in the Jaywalker Modified Integrated Outpatient Program. The jobs range from sheet metal and steel fabrication to ticket sales and food service at Aspen SkiCo. Several of our men are working in retail and another is working in holiday seasonal work decorating Aspen’s finest hotels and residences. With gainful employment comes the challenge of balancing work life, social life and recovery life. With a focus on the joy of living, the men can support one another in the MIOP group process and help each other navigate the day to day challenges that can threaten sobriety. This work plays out in our group each Monday and Thursday evening with constructive feedback that challenges behaviors, and the sharing of ideas and behaviors that bring success in recovery. With everyone working, we are challenged to find a day each month where we…

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Mostly epic and high of 7

Temperatures hovered in the single digits under a bright cold sky, but our spirits were soaring atop a foot of fresh powder at Snowmass Mountain today. Jaywalker alumni, staff and friends rallied at the top of Big Burn for a few carefree turns together following 24 hours of steady snow dumps in the Western Rockies. For my part, I trailed the pack and found myself carving cautious turns in the deep snow and among the evergreens. At what point, officially, did I become so much older and so much slower than these guys? Who cares… I felt awesome, and aware of how great it is just to be among them. Joy, abundance, and meaning? Yeah, this was a great day, and what more can we ask for than that? Bobby F. – Founder and CEO, Jaywalker Lodge

Mission Wolf Expedition

As someone who works full time, is enrolled in school, and frequents the gym and meetings it is hard to find time off. So when I was given the opportunity to join some of the men at the Lodge on a service expedition I checked my calendar then cleared my schedule and jumped on the chance to detach for a few days and give back to a good cause. We learned about the legacy of Mission Wolf from its founder, Kent Weber, and about the phenomenal growth that has taken place there over the past 20 years. Kent brought us into the enclosures to meet the wolves face to face and one by one these giant animals, capable of snapping bones with their jaws, came up and licked our faces, happily receiving scratches behind the ears or on their bellies. For the next two days we were out in the…

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