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Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren

Sober or Not, it’s hard to always feel worthy.” Former NBA player Chris Herren, who celebrated 5 years sober on August 1st I had been vaguely aware of Chris Herren’s story, but not until I read a recently published story interviewing him on how his life has changed in his 5 years sober, did I begin to realize what a truly inspirational journey Chris has taken. That journey has been filled with triumph and tragedy and most recently a tale of renewal and redemption. I gained a little more insight from a Jaywalker alum who had the opportunity to hear Chris tell his story at a local Jail a year ago. Danny S. related that ” his story was crazy, I mean i’ve heard a fair amount of addict stories but, his was over the top. It was also heartfelt and inspiring and I still remember it.” Today, Chris spends…

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