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Bobby in a Dress

The 7th Annual Jaywalker Serenity Scramble was a great success!  Thanks to Kortney Hartman, the sponsors, players, and everyone who made it possible.  All good charity golf tournaments have plenty of winners and no losers, however, at this year’s tournament one loser stood out, in a sun dress. Now, let me explain. The Serenity Scramble is a big deal and no one takes it more seriously than Jaywalker Lodge’s Director of Marketing, John Schneier. This would be a surprise to all because he has a handicap of 74…on the front nine. What John lacks in skill he makes up for in monetary incentives to local professional golfers: Stanley Jones, Briton Bingham, and AJ Joiner. With this all-star line-up, John challenged Bob Ferguson, Founder/Director/Cross-Dresser and his team of washed up lacrosse players to a friendly “Loser-wears-a-sundress-to-community-meeting” wager. In a week no one will remember who won the Serenity Scramble but Bobby’s…

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Congratulations Brit

Today Briton Bingham celebrates two years of clean time and sobriety! Over the last two years, having gotten to know Brit quite well I can say that he is the perfect example of “fun in recovery.” He has experienced the promises that sobriety can can offer if one chooses to work diligently and honestly toward living to the fullest while being completely engaged in this program. Brit has a way about him that is difficult to put into words. He makes friends today which he cherishes and values. I have watched as he has become a true role model in our community by helping those who can’t quite help themselves and lending a hand to all that ask. I have also watched Brit excel in every hobby and sport which he has begun and continued since getting sober. As he and many others know, it is absolutely painful for me…

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