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Dave S Celebrates 9 years

What do you get when you take an opiate addicted marine, in 2007, and tell him life is waiting for him out in the Rocky Mountains of Western CO? You get a sober marine celebrating 9 years in 2016! Our very own Dave Santini celebrates his sobriety birthday on the 14th. He is an amazing example of selflessness, perseverance (ran a 50 mile trail race on minimal training this year by the way), and commitment to helping others in the way he was once helped himself upon his arrival to Jaywalker Lodge. Dave is my brother and I’m extremely proud and happy to say, “congrats you banana head!” Brendon Kerton, M.A. Landing Program Supervisor Jaywalker Lodge

Congrats Dave

This past Saturday my friend and colleague Dave Santini celebrated 8 years of continuous sobriety.  Dave and I first met when I checked into treatment at Hazelden in February of 2007.  I was on my way in and he was on his way out.  He told me he was going to a place called Jaywalker Lodge.  I slurred something back.  Little did I know that our paths would cross again some 6 months later when I made my way to Carbondale. From 2007 until now Dave has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  He has emerged from addiction into a life of recovery.  A life in recovery, as all of us know, is not always smooth sailing but the ability to persevere in the face of difficulty is one of the hallmarks of someone who has learned to live well.  Dave has continued to do just that….

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Kim Celebrates 29

Last Saturday our very own, Kim Nuzzo, celebrated 29 years of sobriety. Kim has been a Chemical Dependency Counselor for the last 20 years and has been a great example of what long term sobriety can look like. Kim, thank you for everything you do and here is just a small list of the lives you’ve touched here: Kim has been a part of my journey since the beginning and I feel so grateful that he’s my friend. – Brendon Kerton “Nothing impacts a still-suffering alcoholic more than hearing the language of the heart from another alcoholic in recovery” – AA Conference 2001. Kim – Congratulations on 29 years of sharing your experience, strength and hope. – Jacquie Wheeler Kim Nuzzo’s talent as a clinician is only surpassed by his talent as a photographer of, “Homies” figurines. These photographs truly express the inner workings of what must surely be a most…

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Congrats Brendon

I vividly remember the first time I had ever had the pleasure of meeting Brendon, or what I would consider a quasi-form of him at the time. It was on the Medical/Detox Unit of Hazelden in Center City, MN. I had just finished 30 days of primary treatment on the Silkworth Unit and had to go through my discharge schema, which included picking up a myriad of prescriptions that I had acquired over my time at Hazelden. While waiting for the pleasant nurses to put together my Zip-Loc bag filled with my magic placebos, I decided I would smoke my 5th cigarette of the day by 8 AM. While attempting to spread my vast knowledge of recovery to the Librium infused detox patients on Ignatia, Brendon being one of them, I heard a loud obnoxious man call out to me “Hey, where ya from?”, although it was loud and obnoxious,…

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Ironman 70.3 Austin

A few weeks ago, one of our very own, Peyton Ward, toed the starting line at Ironman 70.3 Austin. Being relatively new to the sport of triathlon, I’m sure he was experiencing the kind of anxiety that one experiences prior to beginning a 70 plus mile journey done in several hours. Peyton, having already faced the challenge of recovery from addiction, is well equipped to handle experiences outside of his comfort zone. He has put in a ton of work, not only on his recovery from addiction, but also in his level of physical fitness. I am proud of what he has accomplished and had a good feeling about his chances in Austin. I was not disappointed. Peyton crossed the line and grabbed his second 70.3 finisher medallion of the season. This was his last stepping-stone to his ultimate goal of being called an, “Ironman,” which he hopes to accomplish…

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Congrats Lenny

Our very own Lenny Beaulieu celebrates 7 years of continuous sobriety even though he was, “never that bad.” Ha. Allow me to explain. I met Lenny when we were patients together on the Tiebout Unit at Hazelden in August of 2007. It was my third time there. I was that bad. However, after about a week on the unit a nice guy with a great smile showed up and told us all that he was here, yes, but just for a quick assessment. He wasn’t that bad! Well, the assessment said differently and Lenny was forced to reconcile his concept of unmanageability with the clear diagnosis of “very bad” which he received from Hazelden Clinical Staff. Luckily, for all involved, Lenny is a teachable man. He went on to resolve that cognitive dissonance to great success! He completed treatment, went to IOP here at Jaywalker, got involved in the recovery…

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Ironman: Boulder

Approximately 2400 contestants lined up to start the final step of months, if not years of training, sacrifice, and dedication. One of those athletes was our very own, Brendon Kerton. Ahead of him was 140.6 miles consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run. The fastest people on the planet take nine plus hours to complete this distance. Few people can say they have crossed the white line at the other end, let alone twice, like Brendon was set out to do. Ironman brings out a very diverse crowd and most athletes have quite a story to tell, Kerton is definitely included in that group. Brendon’s first triathlon was in 2011 which was a half Ironman distance; in 2012 he took on a full distance race at Ironman Texas, and in 2013 he completed another half Ironman in Kansas. Among these he…

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Half Marathon

With all of the determination and focus she had, our very own Natalyn Cumings, took to the starting line of a half marathon last weekend and smashed all expectations.  I have been witness to her training since this spring and am proud of what she’s accomplished.  It is no easy feat to run a successful 13.1 miles.  Nat said her last half marathon goal was to break 2 hours.  This time that mark was in the rear view as she came across the line in style at 1:51.  I would like to say how much it means to me to have our Human Resources leader out there pushing her limits the same way she pushes the limits at work to help provide us all with the best possible work environment.  Congrats Nat!  You sign up for that full marathon yet?! Brendon Kerton Program Supervisor The Landing

Reunited with the Jaywalker Family

Up until three months ago my life had become overtaken once again by the beast of addiction. I had become a cripple on a couch. Another job lost and a lot of strained relationships. I was fearful to do anything except get to a liquor store. I had been beaten once again into submission. I knew I couldn’t make it any longer the way I was going.   Scared as hell, I jumped in the car and drove, obliterated, to CeDAR in Denver, CO. Still without surrender, and with a lot of drama with police and staff, I was accepted on a ten-day-evaluation. Still no true change of heart, I felt relief. I was going to get the help I needed. It took almost a week to get over feeling sorry for myself, and some convincing not to just walk out. I ended up staying, and after a few days…

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Shredding Sobriety, Mink hucks 4 big ones

In 2010, I came back to Jaywalker Lodge to be a counselor intern during my last semester in Graduate School. When I got back all of my friends were talking about this guy who had gone through Jaywalker Lodge while I was away. His name was Adam Mink. Apparently, he was a great guy, good for our community, and just happened to shred on skis and killed it on a mountain bike. I asked if he was alcoholic. They said, oh yeah, he’s that too. During that fall Adam and I were introduced and I liked him right away. I saw a young man who was really engaged in life and engaged with his friends. He was walking the program and seemed totally authentic. We would see each other at Dos Gringos getting coffee and run into each other in meetings or in town. Every time I saw him he…

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