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Boomerang is Hiring

Boomerang coffee

Jaywalker’s favorite coffee stop, Boomerang Coffee Company, is now hiring! Boomerang is a local not-for-profit coffee shop that uses all profits to help individuals struggling with substance abuse. They are looking to fill part-time and full-time positions. No experience is required, but any time spent in the service industry helps! Come by and visit us to see what we are all about and to pick up an application.

Boomerang Open Mic

Every 3rd Thursday of the month Boomerang Coffee Company puts on an Open Mic Night for the Carbondale Community. The next Open Mic Night is scheduled for April 16th from 7pm-10pm. Come enjoy live music, poetry, and Boomerangs full service coffee bar. We hope to see you there! Donnie Hagenbart Admissions & Marketing Manager Jaywalker Lodge

Fancy Fridays

Boomerang Coffee Company is excited to announce the implementation of Fancy Fridays! Casual Fridays are a thing of the past and the boys at Boomerang Coffee Co are starting a new trend. We are also excited to announce that we are a Kendama dealer and will have all of the newest Kendama’s! Come by this weekend for a 20% discount for mentioning this blog!

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What does Boomerang’s Coffee Shop Manager, Adam Mink, do on his days off? He goes huge at Aspen Snowmass! Be sure to follow Jaywalker Lodge’s Instagram account to see what our staff and alumni are up too! To follow us on Instagram click here Donnie Hagenbart Admissions & Marketing Manager Jaywalker Lodge

Adam Mink Celebrates 5

Having never met a situation that he can’t handle, Adam Mink, decided the best way to celebrate his 5 years of sobriety was to anticipate and surprise his own surprise party. But before we reached this milestone for our beloved coffee shop manager and the local barista guru, we take a look back at how he got to where he is today. Monsieur Mink has found multiple ways to not only entertain himself but also everyone else around him! Whether it is shooting clays, pulling in monstrous trout out the river, shredding the sickest powder known to man, dirt biking with his homies, hanging out with his girlfriend, becoming a Kendama master or pouring out our hearts into latte art, Adam has been busy and keeping everyone around him on their toes anticipating what’s next. We don’t always know what to expect with him, so we were all eagerly anticipating…

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Congrats Clif

Clif Bryant, self-proclaimed Golf Director, celebrates two years of last Saturday. Clif is a man of many talents. Not only is he in charge of the golf program here at Jaywalker Lodge, he is simultaneously managing to blossom into a master barista at Boomerang Coffee Company. Clif takes his job as a barista very seriously, and prepares each drink with a level of intensity unparalleled by any barista to come before him. However, his interests extend beyond his employment. While he hails from Texas, he is a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party, and enjoys talking politics with like-minded individuals. Clif is not only a close friend of mine, but a roommate as well. I have always believed him to be a great person, and after living together for the past several months this belief has only been affirmed. Thanks for being a great friend, roommate, and co-worker. I love…

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Boomerang Coffee Company

Boomerang Coffee Company now has its very own website! Check it out at www.BoomerangCoffeeCo.com and make sure to like us on Facebook @ Boomerang Coffee Company Facebook! Donnie Hagenbart Program Coordinator Jaywalker U

Aspen Filmfest

The 35th Annual Aspen Filmfest started last weekend and will be running through October 1st.  Documentaries will be showing in both Carbondale and Aspen. Tickets are available at the Wheeler Box Office in Aspen and Boomerang Coffee Company in Carbondale. For more information, check out the film fest website at aspenfilm.org. Janet DeMars Program Director Jaywalker U

Happy Birthday Kort

Yesterday, Kortney Shaffer, aka Kortney Hartman, Operations Manager, celebrated her Birthday.  This year has been a full one for Kortney, especially these last few months.  Along with her many day to day tasks as Operations Manager, she was given the task of overseeing the new Boomerang Coffee Shop that Jaywalker recently purchased.  Working side by side with Adam Mink to get everything up and running, she planned a wonderful Grand Re-opening and nailed all of it.  Now, as if that wasn’t enough to make anyone a little stressed, throw in the fact that she is also planning and organizing every detail to our upcoming Annual Serenity Scramble in two months, was planning her wedding, which was last weekend, buying their first home and now celebrating her birthday.   Through it all, Kortney did it with amazing grace, style and perfection, as only she could. Kortney is much more than all…

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Coffee and Community for a Cause

Jaywalker would be nothing without the Carbondale Community , which has looked us in the eye, embraced us, and given us a second chance.” Bobby Ferguson, Founder of Jaywalker Lodge.” Second Chances ! Without them, most of us in the Recovery community would be lost or worse. Bobby Ferguson’s second chance resulted in Jaywalker Lodge, which has been helping alcoholics and addicts realize theirs for the last nine years here in Carbondale. Bobby’s vision for Boomerang Coffee Company ( formerly the Blend) is multi-faceted. Boomerang will provide employment opportunities for clients, alumni, and others in the community. Those in recovery will have another safe place to socialize and integrate into the community. Finally, all net profits from Boomerang will support the efforts of A Way Out, an Aspen based non-profit which provides a “Hand-Up” to addicts in need. Executive Director, Liz Means, and several board members were on hand Thursday…

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