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Seth H Turns 2

I first met Seth a little less than four years ago. I was a few months removed from a relapse and getting work through the local temp agency at the time. It was summer time, and the temperatures were closing in on 100 degrees by the afternoons, so of course, I found myself sent off to a job digging trenches and breaking rocks around the foundation of a house in Glenwood Springs. Of the eight people assigned to that particular worksite, only one guy other than me did any real work. That guy was Seth. He didn’t cut corners or slack off, he didn’t complain, he just worked hard on the job that he had in front of him, because he was getting paid for it, and because it was the right thing to do.  To be clear, I worked hard as well, but I complained the entire time. Seth…

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Alex Colins Celebrates 4 Years

Alex sober living and staying healthy

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Friend as a person who you like and enjoy being with. To me a friend is much more than that, I think a friend is someone who will, despite having an incredibly busy schedule, drop everything to sit down and write a blog congratulating someone for not using drugs or alcohol for four years. Which is probably why I’m writing this, again, and Kevin isn’t. All the blogs in the world couldn’t capture the awesomeness that is Alex Colins. When he’s not busy running things at Jaywalker and jamming out to today’s top 10 pop songs, you can find him coaching middle school football, or lifting irresponsible amounts of weight. And despite all that, he still finds time to help out all his friends. Alex, do you remember the time Kevin ate all that chili before his hot yoga class and he had an “accident” and…

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Congratulations Steve

Steve Shipway addiction team and support

When Steve showed up at Jaywalker Lodge two years ago he had zero control over his emotions, and his verbal filter was non-existent… All he did was say f@$#. During his second week with us, I had the privilege of accompanying Steve, and four other clients in early recovery on a hike to the summit of Mt. Elbert. For those of you who are not familiar with Mt. Elbert, it is a 14,439 foot high mountain, and the hike from the base to the summit and back can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. During that time I witnessed Steve experience, and express the entire spectrum of human emotions… It was crazy and I was scared. He said f@$# like a thousand times. Also, he smoked cigarettes the entire way up the mountain, which was absolutely nuts. Amazingly, we all made it to the summit and back. It was…

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Congrats Kevin

Currently my record against Kevin in “Trivia Crack” is 6 and 6. It is important to note, however, that I won the last 4 games that we played against each other, in a row, and then Kevin quit playing the game all together… I am undefeated against Kevin’s mom. Kevin quit playing “Regular Crack” 3 years ago. This is a good thing. If you remember my last blog about Kevin, things were starting to get pretty weird… Did you know that one time Kevin fired a gun into the basement of his parent’s house because he thought that there were bad guys down there? Well, he did, and there weren’t any bad guys down there. Kevin then gifted that gun to his parents for Christmas. He wrapped it up, not in a box mind you, and placed it under the tree. He just left a gun, clear as day, wrapped…

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Kim Celebrates 29

Last Saturday our very own, Kim Nuzzo, celebrated 29 years of sobriety. Kim has been a Chemical Dependency Counselor for the last 20 years and has been a great example of what long term sobriety can look like. Kim, thank you for everything you do and here is just a small list of the lives you’ve touched here: Kim has been a part of my journey since the beginning and I feel so grateful that he’s my friend. – Brendon Kerton “Nothing impacts a still-suffering alcoholic more than hearing the language of the heart from another alcoholic in recovery” – AA Conference 2001. Kim – Congratulations on 29 years of sharing your experience, strength and hope. – Jacquie Wheeler Kim Nuzzo’s talent as a clinician is only surpassed by his talent as a photographer of, “Homies” figurines. These photographs truly express the inner workings of what must surely be a most…

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Congratulations Sam

Today we say congratulations and Merry Christmas to Sam Goff, who is celebrating 4 years of recovery today. Sam is one of my best friends. He is an all-around great guy, as well as a loyal, honest, and caring friend. It is safe to say that Sam is indeed loved and respected by all who know him. Sam is a valuable asset to the Jaywalker team, and a respected member of the recovery community. His humble nature and kind demeanor allow him to easily communicate, and relate well with young men in early, recovery….. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….. NOW LETS TALK ABOUT HIS ABS! Sam does 8,000 crunches a day, and he is always flexing. He has taken about three times as many pictures with his shirt off then with it on. Seriously, you couldn’t keep a shirt on this guy if the temperature was -40 degrees outside. Just…

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Congrats Alex

What can I say about Alex Colins except, Wow! What an incredible specimen of a man. I first met Alex at Fotion’s Gym in Carbondale, and knew from that moment that this was a guy I could learn something from. Not only is Alex the strongest man in all of Carbondale (soon to be the world) he is also incredibly kind, funny, humble and smart. But what I admire most about Alex is his willingness to help others in need. He has always been someone I can go to for advice, or at least vent to about my own drama. When Alex was working as a tech here at the Lodge I would watch as he worked diligently on his CAC classes. Working at Jaywalker is not a job Alex takes lightly; he really wants to make a difference in the lives of all the men here. Alex’s goal is…

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Dave K Celebrates 3 Years

HE DID IT!!!!! HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!!! Dave Krimstock has managed to not drink or use drugs for 3 years…  What makes this accomplishment all the more impressive is that Dave arrived in our community three years ago as a scraggly refugee of Boulder’s Bohemian mountain lifestyle. No one ever thought a bearded man from Boulder could possibly stay sober…  the odds were just stacked too high against him. But here Dave stands before you today, an outlier, a man who looked the odds makers in the face, laughed out loud, and bet on himself. When I first met Dave he was still trying to figure out how to properly use shoes. We were enrolled in the Jaywalker MIOP program together. He would show up every night, covered in dirt. At first I just chalked this up to his Boulder heritage, but I eventually found out that he had a…

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Going Away Party

Yesterday we said goodbye to a dear friend and wonderful employee, Greg Benton, with a chicken salad cake party. Donnie did not come to the party and Greg was pissed to say the least. Greg was quoted as saying, “Donnie is supposed to be my friend, but I guess it’s whatever man. I see how it is.” Every one managed to have a great time, despite Donnie’s absence, and Greg truly felt loved by the Jaywalker community, except for Donnie. Greg is leaving to spend the summer with his family in Vermont and New Jersey. He will be returning to the area in the fall for one final semester at CMC, and then, it’s most likely off to Boulder to attend CU. We will be having a welcome back party for Greg in September, followed by another going away party in December when he leaves for CU. Greg is a…

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This is not Goodbye

On Friday, February 21st, members of the Jaywalker Community said goodbye to Joe Tate with a going away party and barbeque that was held at the Pew estate in Carbondale. The high class soiree was attended by a multitude of Joe’s friends and co-workers and a fun time was had by all. I did the cooking. The food was excellent. Joe is leaving us this week for Eagle to support his lovely girlfriend, Stacy, as she pursues a career in the financial industry. As one of the first Landing techs, Joe helped the program get off to a successful start. His kind and approachable demeanor, as well as his high recovery IQ, aided many clients in making their transition. Joe is also a very active member in the alumni community and is the captain of current and defending Serenity Scramble golf tournament championship team.  Joe was able to accomplish this…

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